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It is what it is

Posted on Mon Mar 7th, 2022 @ 11:47pm by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Commander Curtis Thibideaux

Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Culivee Cafe, Tulian City, Betezoid
Timeline: tbd

Curtis half glowered at the flimsy as he sat, in one of Betezoid’s floating cloud cafes. He’d went for a run early and had two meetings: one with the local Bu’Pers representative and another with Captain Meridian, a contemporary of his parents he knew casually. After lunch, he had OD duty aboard Valiant.

Now he was waiting for Rianna.

They’d been scheduled for brunch. While he waited, Curtis sipped at the orange juice and ginger ale he’d ordered. With another look at the flimsy, he was reconsidering adding alcohol.

It was going to be that sort of day.

Rianna's swim would have to wait for another time as she had forgotten about brunch. Dressing hurriedly, she managed to arrive at the cafe a bit disheveled and it showed. Finding Curtis, she kissed him, "Don't you dare spike your drink, at least not yet Imzadi," she said sitting down opposite him. Brushing some hair aside, Curtis looked tired.

As she ordered a beverage, he dank in her appearance and grinned, "You look like you're a bit harried today."

Sipping her drink, "Well I was about to go for a swim when I remembered the brunch date. You should join me. The lake feels so good and it can do wonders to lift the mind and and bodu Curtis. You look tired Imzadi. Tell me what's going on," Rianna said looking at him.

"I just didn't sleep right last night, I suppose," Curtis remarked as he fiddled with his glass and idly, looking at her. "Bu'Pers tells me I am being transferred off of Valiant though. There are some options but that's the long and short of it. I sort of thought they might give me the center chair but with Telford being assassinated, I think they're holding a grudge."

"But you had nothing to do with that! Oh Curtis that means you will not be here with me?", Rianna said. Now that upset her greatly. She contemplated transferring off just to be with her Imzadi, but that would be almost impossible currently. "But when they planning to do this transfer," Rianna said as tears filled her eyes. This was a huge blow to deal with.

"The transfer is due after the wedding and won't fiddle with honeymoon schedule. Apparently none of my options need me that badly. They won't upset the PR boat until our wedding caps off Valiant's story here. They're also not going to make a huge deal of whoever the new CO is going to be, though rumor says they're at least part Betazoid. Given all of that, who knows. We'll just have to enjoy the time we have while we can, Rianna." Curtis leaned forward, took her hand and kissed it then settled their joined fingers back onto the tables surface and reached for the glass with his free hand.

Rianna tried to understand and it wasn't easy to swallow. The idea of not serving together really hit home. "How will we manage to see each other then?" she asked.

"It was bound to happen at some point as long as we're both in the service, Rianna. It stinks that it's happening already, but there aren't a lot of options. So we do what others do: we cope. When we see what they offer me, I'll pick whatever seems most likely to give us a chance to see each other more often. Just have to wait and see what that is, I guess."

Curtis felt a twinge as he said it. Then he put on a smile and said, "Unless you're re-thinking things?"

"No I am not re-thinking things. We are going to get married and that is that!" Rianna said. She planted a very passionate kiss that she felt ripple through his massive body........

Arriving back at their quarters, Rianna guided him to the canopy bed and gently lowered herself onto it. Pulling him ontop of her she proceeded to kiss him again, but this time the kiss had a deeper effect on Curtis.........

Fade to black..........


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