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Star Fleet Communique SO-2905270

Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 7:54pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux
Edited on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 5:47pm

To: USS Valiant, NCC 75416; Commander Natan O’Donnaghue commanding.
cc: Admiral (lower half) Effron Tieg, JAG, 9th Fleet; Lt. Marlis Shay, Star Base 80 Brig commanding officer.
From: Commander Eliza Foi, Star Base 80 JAG liaison
Re: Ensign Justin Flynn and Lt. Junior Grade. Tierra Zh’ Erde.

The afore mentioned officers, Ensign Justin Flynn and Lt. (JG) Tierra Zh’Erde both officers serving aboard the USS Valiant did Miss Movement and are hereby remanded for General Courts Martial under article 73 of the Articles of Fleet Justice. Subsequently, both officers are hereby officially transferred to SB80 and shall be housed in the Brig there until trial or other determinations by an appointed authority.


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Category: Fleet Announcements


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