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Want to find out where small things are great? You have come to the right place! She maybe small, but she is powerful and she is home. She gives us what we need and shelters us from the dark of space. If you are not afraid of small rooms and are looking for adventure with a small community, Valiant is the place to be!

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Posted on Tue Feb 15th, 2022 @ 10:21pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in General News

Federation News Service
By: Captain Felix Huggins, Acting Public Relations Officer, SF
For the Secretary

Fleet Secretary Jhue is pleased to announce that the Admiralty and his office have accepted an offer by the People of Betazoid to Adopt the USS Valiant.

“Since her launch, a large majority of Valiant’s crew have ties to Betazoid and she has proven herself capable through adversity in the short time she’s been back in service under Captain O’Donnaghue. They’ve rescued unique species from extinction and handled terse diplomatic situations, showing dogged determination to meet expectations of Member worlds of the Federation. As such, the people of Betazoid wish to, through the Valiant, remind everyone of the sacrifices Betazoid made during the war with the Dominion and wish to celebrate those of our people serving aboard Federation Star Ships,” said Administrator Von Gravinal.

In response, Secretary Jhue commented, "This was an easy yes for my office. Representative Yeena made the suggestion during a meeting of the Federation Home Defense Force liaisons and Betazoid was the first member nation to run with the idea. They were given the pick of the fleet and they choose Valiant. Administrator Gravinal stated that the Escort best met popular views on Betazoid: Betazoid's serving aboard StarFleet vessels ready to defend Federation member worlds."

When asked for his comment, Representative Yeena agreed with Secretary Jhue's comments and clarified. "We don't just depend on our Home Defense Forces to protect us, obviously. StarFleet is important in keeping us safe before enemies get close to our beloved worlds. Diplomacy and talking is preferred to conflict. But," the Representative paused, "Having a strong offensive presence can help aggressors take pause and even think twice. Valiant is definitely a Ship to make aggressors think twice."

Valiant is currently landed at the Port of Stems and open for public tours, giving the people of Betazoid a unique opportunity to tour a StarFleet vessel.

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» Here there be Pirates! (part 3)

Mission: Prelude to War
Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 5:16pm by Commander Rupert Tyree & Senior Chief Petty Officer Harriet Hastings & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha

Last time on USS Valiant

"Christ! Get a hold of that beam," Rianna yelled as her badge buzzed. "It ain't no picnic down here bridge. IDF fields are on half power, SIF fields are holding but not for long. Warp is only running at 50%. Bulkheads are buckling and the…

» Here there be Pirates! (part 2)

Mission: Prelude to War
Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 5:03pm by Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant Jayden Meran & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Lieutenant JG Resel Pos & Ensign Parker Rapp & Ensign Teza Barjel

Previously, on USS Valiant
Valiant closed the distance and put herself between the raiders and their prey, her drive pushing her ahead at full military speed as the escort raced toward. Enemy fire began lancing at them as Rhu gripped the arms of his command chair and said, "Target first…

» First Contact

Mission: Prelude to War
Posted on Tue May 10th, 2022 @ 10:27am by Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Rupert Tyree

Rhu leaned against his new desk, glancing around the (relatively) small compartment that was both his stateroom and office. While Valiant was landed, and after Natan had departed, Rhu had had Engineering and the ground crew adjust the space. He now had slightly larger quarters, but had done away with…

» "Asking the Commander to Preside"

Mission: Prelude to War
Posted on Mon May 9th, 2022 @ 9:39pm by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue


Rianna was going to ask Cmdr. Tyree to preside over their wedding but decided to ask Cmdr. O'Donnahgue to do it instead. Grabbing Curtis by the hand, she quite literally dragged him to the Commanders ready room. "Out of breath my love?" she asked Curtis.

"Just feeling, literally, pulled…

» Here there be Pirates!

Mission: Prelude to War
Posted on Thu Apr 28th, 2022 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant JG Resel Pos & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Rupert Tyree & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant Jayden Meran & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Ensign Parker Rapp

The sounds of Valiant eased the boredom from his mind as Rhu sat listening to the ship. They’d been in space for a week now, and were currently sitting at the edges of the the Djux IV system. There wasn’t much here: A small orbital repair station being run by…

Latest Personal Logs

» Captains Log Excerpt 1

Posted on Sun Apr 10th, 2022 @ 4:39pm by Commander Rupert Tyree

Captain's Log, USS Valiant. Commander Rupert Tyree Commanding.

In pursuant to orders from Vice Admiral Koratt Th’keliss, under the Seal of the President of the Federation, we (USS Valiant and crew) have ben seconded to Federation Intelligence and ordered into Delaxian space (Spaniard, 2487 Beta Quadrant) to find and hunt…

» Home Again

Posted on Mon Feb 14th, 2022 @ 2:54am by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha

The Valiant, in all her glory, sat in her berth at DS9. After the mess with the Lemures, Rianna was still smelling the residual odor left behind. No matter what she did, or used, the stench was still there. Could it be that it was all made up in her…

» First Officer's Log, XC501

Posted on Sun Feb 13th, 2022 @ 5:51pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux

“We’re ten hours outside of Valdivae and I can’t say I’m sorry to be gone from the place. The mission with Ambassador Telford was a cluster from he get-go and it’s done damage to the integrity of the crew.

First and foremost, of course, is the Death of the Ambassador…

» New Assignment

Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 4:50pm by Lieutenant JG T'Pel

Personal Log, Lieutenant T'Pel

I have received permission to disembark Starbase 1 for my new assignment to the USS Valiant as Assistant Chief of Operations. It has been nearly twelve years since my last starship assignment and I am pleased with the orders upon their arrival.

My time aboard Starbase…

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