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» New Utrini People’s Combine claims responsibility.

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 7:20pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in General News

New Utrini People’s Combine claims responsibility.

Federation News Network:

A silver haired Andorian woman seated behind a desk, looks into the camera, smiles slightly and begins.

“Several days ago, bombs rocked Star Base 80, killing a now confirmed 50 beings and injuring hundreds. Additional information has also come to light that a ambassadorial ship was taken and used to smuggle the bombs onto the station and then used by the perpetrators to exit the station under the guise of a kidnapping.

Today the following message was broadcast in the clear by the New Utrini People’s Combine.”

The reporter’s image shortens and moves to a corner of the screen while another woman’s face appears centered in the screen. She is humanoid looking with bald head, dressed in elegantly simple robes. With a deep, rich, sonorous voice she intones while staring at the camera.

“We, the Utrini People’s Combine are responsible for your fears. We placed the explosive devices aboard Star Base 80 to wake you up to the idea that the Federation is not welcome in what you call the Triangle.” The woman’s finger shakes at the recorder before continuing, “Further, it is my opinion that many throughout known space feel the same way and that those yet to meet the vaunted Federation would be best served in not being influenced by them.”

“The Federation claims to come in peace, but they always hang conditions and want to change things. We don’t want or need your changes or so called improvements, so we have decided it is time to act. This is but our first note to a song that promises to burrow into your minds and shatter what you only think you know about the Federation.”

She stares at the camera for a time, then smiles and raises her hands reminiscent to a conductor and a faintly familiar piece of music begins and chanting picks up directly afterward as the woman’s face tilts up and she proclaims boldly, “We are the Combine. And we shall be heard!”

She then turns and begins making gestures as if conducting the music and voices, which immediately fall off and the scene fades with the man walking away, humming to himself and still gesturing.

The reporter’s face returns and says, “Little is know about the Utrini People’s Combine, or the woman. At least, that’s according to official sources. Federation News Network will continue investigating and reporting on this.”

» Terrorists Attack Star Base 80; Who were they?

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 7:19pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in General News

Terrorists Attack Star Base 80; Who were they?
by Amalen Fong, Ched’renak Reporter; AFN

Five days ago, explosions rocked Star Base 80, a Federation Outpost in the Typhon Expanse of the Beta Quadrant. All in all, twelve explosions threatened the station and the thousands of beings who live and transit through the busy hub.

Yet, to date no one knows who they were. In a press release, Admiral Sheldon Li stated that Star Fleet has the matter under control and is investigating all leads.

When queried what those leads were, the Admiral was less than forth coming, sticking with “I cannot comment on a current investigation.”

This reporter was on SB80 when the bombs struck, so I took to the station’s corridors and public spaces. Interviewing any uniform that would talk to me. I found no few number willing to voice their concerns on the condition of anonymity.

The sad part of all this is that they really don’t know who did this. They have a few lead’s they’re following, but one security officer told me the brass almost always depends on guilty parties taking credit to help direct their so called investigations.

In this case, what leads the Security office had were hitting dead ends and no one was claiming responsibility. So, the investigation will continue.

Amid all the chaos, the ship I was traveling with had their own drama when one of their crew, the USS Valiant’s Intelligence officer Lieutenant Commander Bella O' Donnaghue was kidnapped and her husband, Commander Natan O’Donnaghue and Captain of the Valiant was reportedly restrained and under threat of an explosive device at the same time.

However, eye witnesses claim Commander O’Donnaghue was found by station security alone and nude in his visiting officer quarters…with no sign of the lovely Lieutenant Commander.

Certain parties spoke of a lovers spat, while station reports confirmed that the Intelligence Officer was reported missing, possibly kidnapped by the same somebodies who set off the explosives aboard the station.

Whether these matters are linked is yet to be seen. If the kidnapping story was not some cover story used to cover up the nepotism reports aboard the USS Valiant.

This reporter learned through records and first hand interview with Commander O’Donnaghue that he had served with his brother in law, Captain of the Jackdaw, previous to this assignment. During the interview, the Commander stated that he and his wife worked well together as they had previously aboard his brother in law’s ship. When asked about the current crew of the Valiant, Commander O’Donnaghue avoided commenting on his new crew, merely stating that he had met the command staff.

Given a new command, even one as small as Valiant, this reporter could understand not having met all of his officers. But it spoke volumes about O’Donnaghue’s faith and trust in his new command, beyond his Intelligence officer.

Though it has been just days since the events of the bombing which killed 48 and injured 100’s, every person I interviewed felt displeasure at the ‘No comment on an current investigation’ message being bandied about by Star Fleet.

This reporter will next be contacting the Civilian governor of the station to find out their comments and the mood of the diplomatic corp.

» Star Fleet Communique GS 2451881

Posted on Sat Jan 18th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in Fleet Announcements

To: USS Valiant, NCC 75416; Comander Natan O’Donnaghue commanding.
cc: Admiral Evans Neewa, Bu’Pers, Star Fleet Academy/Starfleet Medical; Captain Emmet Griedg, commanding, Star Base 310.
From: Starfleet Headquarters Command, Bureau of Personnel, Vice Admiral Shebang Mai
Re: Lieutenant MacKenzie Grayson

Lieutenant MacKenzie Grayson, MD, is requested and required to report aboard USS Valiant, NCC 75416, currently located at Star Base 80 as Chief Medical Officer. Travel Authorization B71634G3

» Star Fleet Communique SO-2905270

Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 7:54pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in Fleet Announcements

To: USS Valiant, NCC 75416; Commander Natan O’Donnaghue commanding.
cc: Admiral (lower half) Effron Tieg, JAG, 9th Fleet; Lt. Marlis Shay, Star Base 80 Brig commanding officer.
From: Commander Eliza Foi, Star Base 80 JAG liaison
Re: Ensign Justin Flynn and Lt. Junior Grade. Tierra Zh’ Erde.

The afore mentioned officers, Ensign Justin Flynn and Lt. (JG) Tierra Zh’Erde both officers serving aboard the USS Valiant did Miss Movement and are hereby remanded for General Courts Martial under article 73 of the Articles of Fleet Justice. Subsequently, both officers are hereby officially transferred to SB80 and shall be housed in the Brig there until trial or other determinations by an appointed authority.

» Ensign Ovo Nohon

Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2019 @ 11:47pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux in Fleet Announcements

Star Fleet Communique GS-176135 Ensign Ovo Nohon

To: USS Valiant, NCC 75416; Commander Natan O’Donnaghue commanding.
cc: Legarnes Sma, Registrar, Star Fleet Academy; Vice Admiral Evans Neewa
From:Starfleet Headquarters Command, Bureau of Personnel, Vice Admiral Lapsis Shaw
Re: Ensign Ovo Nohon

Ensign Ovo Nohon is hereby assigned USS Valiant 75416 no later than 73786.7 in the capacity of Cadet. Requested department is Flight Control, for this part of Cadet Cruise requirements. Valiant is currently docked at Star Base 80. Travel Authorization, 665219I.

Latest Mission Posts

» A rift in the department

Mission: Aftermath and Downtime
Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 10:46am by Lieutenant Day Smith & Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Chief Petty Officer Biv Th'shrolneq


"Welcome, thank you all for joining me," Day spoke softly as she fidgeted with the PADD in her hand. There wasn't really much room on the Defiant class vessel to take the department aside and have a stand up meeting like she was taught, so they were just gathered…

» Missing Pt.4

Mission: Missing!
Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 9:29pm by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue & Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Lieutenant Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Day Smith & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Ensign Ovo Nohan

Valiant dropped from warp into space which was made hazy by wispy, illuminated particles filling the view screen as Valiant moved into the star system.

She’d made a fast transition from Star Base 80’s space lanes, even having to clear the docking bay where Valiant had been at rest.


» The First Conversation

Mission: Aftermath and Downtime
Posted on Fri Jan 17th, 2020 @ 3:58am by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Commander Curtis Thibideaux


Rianna was trying not to be so obvious, but on a ship this size it was almost impossible. From the first time she laid eyes on Curtis, she had been taken by his mannerism. He was handsome, considerate, understanding and warm in how he held himself. It literally blew…

» The only Bell at the Ball

Mission: New Beginnings
Posted on Mon Nov 25th, 2019 @ 2:11am by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Lieutenant Commander Bella O'Donnahue

When you can’t see, you have to depend on your other senses.

Bella had been blindfolded for nearly, to her best guesstimate, seven or eight hours. They’d taken led her to the turbo lift near the visiting officers quarters she and Natan had shared.

Finally, after felt like hours they’d…

» Missing! Pt. 3

Mission: Missing!
Posted on Mon Nov 18th, 2019 @ 8:52pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Day Smith & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha


Natan had found his communicator and activated it. =/\="Commander Thibideax, this is the captain, I am returning to the ship, please make sure there is a cold drink waiting for me in the senior staff lounge, and have the senior staff report in immediately." =/\= He then turned to…

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