Captains Log Excerpt 1

Posted on Sun Apr 10th, 2022 @ 8:39pm by Commander Rupert Tyree

141 words; about a 1 minute read

Captain's Log, USS Valiant. Commander Rupert Tyree Commanding.

In pursuant to orders from Vice Admiral Koratt Th’keliss, under the Seal of the President of the Federation, we (USS Valiant and crew) have ben seconded to Federation Intelligence and ordered into Delaxian space (Spaniard, 2487 Beta Quadrant) to find and hunt down a pirate group working the shipping lanes there.

However, our mission is not to simply end the pirate threat, but rather hunt down people backing the pirates as it seems they have top notch ships and are well crewed. To that, both SI and FI haven't been able to track anything about this group, except a name.


So far, the crew seems to be accepting the change in command well, but we'll see. I think working for Federation Intelligence is going to pull us in lots of different directions.



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