The Sim


We are a proud member of Mystic Fans Universe and Task Force Valor. Our Sim takes place 8 years after the Hobus Incident and what is left of the Romulan Empire has turned to the Federation for aid. In return for this aid the Federation asks for one thing, the chance to explore Romulan space and the Neutral Zone. The Valiant is one of the first ships in.
Valiant though part of the TF Valor, is in the same year as Task Force Mystic Knights. They are in service of Starfleet Intelligence and take their orders directly from Starfleet intelligence. Because of this nature, Valiant is not bound to one area in the galaxy, it can also operate in the Gamma quadrant, alongside TF Mystic Knights.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please reach out to myself or the Executive Officer. Thank you for stopping by.

Commander Rupert Tyree
Commanding Officer
USS Valiant
Commander Daynah Ral
Executive Officer
USS Valiant

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