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Commander Daynah Ral

Name Daynah Ral

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A tall statuesque beauty, she is soft spoken and curt. She is exceptionally lithe and knows eight different forms of martial arts including Aikido and the Mok Bara. She rarely keeps her hair down, as she rather enjoys showing off her spots.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Anjol Sanj
Mother Saft Sanj
Brother(s) Petty Officer 3rd Class Morol Rial - Propulsion Specialist USS Pioneer
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daynah was joined with the Ral symbiont at the age of 18. She was selected for the joining after already being an active officer in Starfleet. So, she took a leave of absence from Starfleet and returned to Trill. However, after she recuperated from the joining she returned to her Starfleet career. As with most Trill she is exceptionally organized and was found to be well suited for the Sciences, especially with one of her previous hosts being a physicist. Her specialties are Temporal Mechanics and Xenobiology. However, she is skilled in all the sciences and finds unknown phenomena to be particularly interesting and a challenge to her skills. She is known to be a bit of a flirt when not on duty, and when on duty can be a little bit of a stickler for protocol.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Wise Beyond Her Years (due to Ral)
+ Organized
+ Cross Departmental Management
+ Coldly Logical

- Naive
- Thinks she is nothing without Ral
- Relies too much on Ral
Ambitions Daynah is afraid of herself really. She feels that she is worthless if it was not for the Ral symbiont she would be nothing. This is of course untrue but she has nightmares of waking up without Ral and losing all of her knowledge, her intelligence. She also has arachnophobia.

She hopes to one day become a Starfleet Captain like one of her previous hosts. She further hopes that one day the galaxy will arrive at a state where Starfleet can demilitarize and concentrate on the pure science. She wants to be a part of this goal.

Daynah's ambition is quite simple... Galactic Peace so that pure science can be pursued. She has been compared to Vulcans in this matter.
Hobbies & Interests Much of her hobbies are inherited from Ral. She loves Football, Fencing, and Renaissance sword play. She is an avid fan of Trill and Betazoid poetry. She is also exceptionally good at Dabo and Dam Ja'at. For music she loves Klingon and Vulcan in particular as well as an old Earth genre of music Rock and Roll. The part of her that is Rodan Ral plays the guitar and harp.

Personal History
The Lives of Ral

Rodan Ral - Joined 2161/Died 2258

Rodan Ral, born Rodan Liyrn, was a renowned musician and widely recognized composer on Trill. Specializing in stringed instruments of all sorts, Rodan was responsible for some of the most monumental pieces of music since long before the age of information.
As the first host to the symbiont, Rodan did not have the benefit of knowledge that his successors would have, but he did provide a very strong start to a symbiont that would come to be highly sought after.

Eliza Ral - Joined 2258/Died 2335

Eliza Ral, born Eliza Toran, was considered one of the great scientists of her time. Her work on molecular biology and nanotechnology advanced the Trill civilization and helped cure many of the common health issues of the day. She was a strong willed woman who was rarely wrong. If she didn't know the answer, she would find it before putting herself on the line.

With a love for discovery, Eliza provided the Ral symbiont with a very unique host. This knowledge and the experiences gained from her life have come in handy many times over the years since.

Alaryc Ral - Joined 2335/Died 2372

Alaryc Ral, born Alaryc Ilyan, was a lifetime Starfleet officer. He was one of the first Trill to climb through the ranks and become a Captain of his own ship. Unlike previous hosts, Alaryc chose to go a more military route, believing that Starfleet was doing good in the galaxy, and he wanted to help.

Alaryc was joined at the age of 20 with the Ral symbiont. It was upon his completion of the program, and the subsequent joining of the two, that he decided to apply to Starfleet Academy. His four years took him to many places on Earth, but one of them was a list of potential future command officers. He lived up to the compliment, and excelled out in the field.

Following an attack on the USS Valor by Dominion forces scouting his location just before the war broke out, Alaryc suffers a mortal wound and is killed. With little choice, the Ral Symbiont is passed to the only possible candidate other than a human; Jazra - the daughter of a joined Trill officer who also dies in the attacks. Because Ral is deemed more important, the symbiont in the other officer is allowed to perish in the chaos.

Because of the sensitive knowledge that Starship captains are privy to, a block was placed on the symbiont so that subsequent hosts do not have access to any secret information, however, basic knowledge and command experience is retained in the current host.

Jazra Ral - Joined 2372/Died 2374

Jazra Ral, born Jazra Keyler, was the host that lived the shortest life. She applied for and was accepted to the University of Betazed in Medara shortly before the Dominion war began. The daughter of Starfleet Officers killed aboard the USS Valor, she received the Ral symbiont following an attack on the Valor that took both her parents, the Captain, and other members of the crew. Asking to be dropped off on the planet following the tragedy, she put everything she had into her studies and new life there, leaving as much of the Valor behind.

Jazra began work on her psychology degree, excelling both in and out of the classroom. Having met a close group of friends, she could often be found with them both in and out of the classroom. It was here that she met Andrus Jaxx, and his fiance Saraa, who would become one of her closest friends.

These were two of the people she was with on the day that the Dominion invaded Betazed. It was a bloody day, and she watched her friends fall one by one against the invading forces. Perhaps it was the day in whole, or perhaps it was watching as her best friend was fatally wounded. Either way, Jazra made the decision at the moment when her friend's eyes closed for the last time to stand by what was left of her friends and fight. Jaxx, Jazra, and others retreated to the underground, where they became resistance fighters against the ever widening invading force.

It might have seemed like the resistance fighters were only throwing away their lives, but the truth was that they were living every moment to the max. Desperate, and growing more and more organized by the minute, what began as a small force soon flourished despite the lack of mercy that embodied the enemy. Jazra worked with the leaders of the resistance and helped to coordinate many tactical strikes throughout the city and beyond. Though it was soon after the death of her friend, Jaxx and Jazra grew close, and from the ashes began to forge what would be a relationship that would meet a quick end. It was only days later that Jazra would find herself in the same position as Saraa had been months earlier.

Wounded during an attack, she had been unable to escape with the other resistance fighters. Convincing them to leave her behind, she was captured by the Jem'Hadar. Already fatally wounded, she spent the remainder of her days fading in and out of consciousness.

The days that followed were a blur to her and the Ral symbiont. Fading in and out of an awakened state, she was barely aware of her surroundings. On the third day of her captivity, she noticed changes around her. Shortly thereafter, she found herself in a medical center, where her remaining friends were on hand to say goodbye. Trill had sent a replacement host as soon as Jazra had been rescued by a mission that she would later find out was spearheaded by Jaxx himself. With wounds that would kill her, and a new host on hand, Jazra spoke her last words to her friends, but was never able to say what she wanted to Jaxx. Fearing that the circumstances would effect him for the rest of his life, she vowed to one day find him and really say what she had meant to that day.

Norah Ral - Joined 2374/Died 2375

Norah Ral, born Norah Sytar, is the fifth host for the Ral symbiont. He was a special case in that he was older than normally allowed in the symbiosis program. Norah, as a highly successful diplomat, had been requested for joining rather than having applied for it. He was older - 65 to be exact - but the knowledge he could imprint onto the symbiont was well worth the risks of joining the same symbiont too often throughout the course of time. In 2374, Norah is brought to Betazed under the relative safety of the diplomatic corps, where he is joined to the Ral symbiont before leaving the world once again.

Norah served as a diplomat for 8 years before being joined. Unfortunately one year after the joining Norah suffered heart failure and dying on Trill with his family. His successor, Daynah, was already prepared. The joining was uneventful and the new host soon acclimated to the symbiont.

Daynah Ral - Joined 2375

Daynah Ral, born Daynah Sanj, is the sixth host for the Ral symbiont and was mentored by Sanah Tyx. She was a young trill with no specific career path. However, since the joining she chose not only to pursue the sciences like one of her previous hosts, but enroll in Starfleet Academy. After having the experiences of the past lives, Ral had decided that roaming the galaxy and learning about the many species around her was a good calling. So for her first two years after the joining she tended bar at various Starfleet instillations. She stayed around Starfleet as she enjoys the familiarity of Starfleet coupled with the variety of people and stories that populate such areas.

The nightmares of the events on Betazed haunted her, but they also gave the overly young looking woman a perspective that she would not have otherwise had. It is this ability to see so many different perspectives that makes her a good listener and source of advice. Though she looks young, she has the experiences and knowledge of over 250 years to draw on.

In between jobs, Daynah found herself on Starbase 118 for a short period of time during which she learned of the Victory. She wasn't sure if she had been looking for it, or if it had just appeared, but she stopped when her eye caught the name, Jaxx. Acting captain of the Victory. With a quick smile, she decided to find a way aboard. Applying for a civilian position, she was quickly accepted and sent to meet with him. Taking only a few things with her, she felt a renewed fervor. She needed to say something, and it was already way past due.

Though unsure of herself in the first few days of the assignment on the Victory, Daynah soon settles into her job as the owner and operator of 'The Retreat'; the Victory's lounge and relaxation spot for many of the officers aboard the ship. Throughout her time there, she offers good food and friendship, along with an open ear to those who just needed to talk. As time goes on, she finds herself close to many of the members of the senior staff, but one more than the others. Following a short trip to Luna with a group of officers, Daynah finds herself pulled towards one of them; the Chief of Security, Liam Frost.

The crew finds themselves soon stationed on Starbase 118, where Ral makes plans to open up a new version of The Retreat in a small area of the commercial sector near a window to the outside realm of space. The restaurant is short lived, however, as Daynah finds out Liam will have to leave for the USS Apollo shortly after shore leave on Echevarria. To his surprise, she wholly agrees on following him to the Apollo, not knowing that Starfleet Command wants her there.

En route to her new home, currently docked at Utopia Planitia, Daynah encounters a face from the symbiont's past. The current Captain of the USS Alabama, and a former XO of Alaryc Ral, tells Daynah of Starfleet's request for her to serve as a civilian advisor about the Apollo. Captain Alaryc Ral spent many years within the Typhon Expanse aboard his own command and Starfleet feels that it would be important to have his memories available to the crew of the Apollo. Because the Expanse is so strange and somewhat deadly, Daynah reluctantly agrees.

As part of the deal, Starfleet agrees to remove the block that kept sensitive command level information from the current host so that all of Alaryc's memories are available as needed. Daynah experiences the resurfacing of memories as if she had been just joined, though most of these memories came from Alaryc's time aboard starships. Some memories are good, but many of them give Daynah a sense of both urgency as well as the feeling of being chased by shadows.

Following her fundamental role in resolving the crisis with the Borg scout ship, Captain Jaxx tells Daynah that she has been granted entrance into Starfleet Academy. She is in no position to refuse, and Jaxx doesn't take no for an answer, so she reluctantly agrees to go to Earth. Between her own exceptional intelligence and the presence of Ral Starfleet Academy was a walk in the park. She graduated with honors and with a dual major in Temproal Mechanics and Xenobiology. Ral was quickly sought after by many Captain's to serve aboard their ships.

Her first assignment was to the USS Roosevelt as a Astrometrics Officer. It was here that she served with distinction and spent many a night in the lab simply mapping. Her own extensive knowledge of the galaxy around her allowed the database to be doubled. Two years after her assignment to the Roosevelt she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for her efforts.

She is next assigned to the USS Apollo of all places this time to serve as Assistant Chief Science Officer. She rather enjoyed serving on the Apollo and catching up with old friends all the while making new ones. Three years into her time on the Apollo the ship was tasked with a first contact mission. It was Daynah's knowledge of Xenobiology which allowed her to figure out that the aliens secrete a pheromone that is lethal to humans. She worked with the Apollo's Chief Medical Officer to figure out an inoculation for it. She was promoted to Lieutenant for going above and beyond the call of duty.

In 2393 the Apollo was caught in a temporal loop. In this loop the ship suffered a warp core breach and exploded with the loss of all hands. It was the combination of Daynah’s Trill physiology and the presence of Ral combined with her knowledge of temporal mechanics that allowed the Apollo to escape the loop with no casualties. For original thinking she was granted the field promotion to Lieutenant Commander. This rank would later be made permanent by Admiral Necheyev.

While she loved her time on the Apollo. After nine years on one ship she got filled with wanderlust. She asked for and was granted a transfer to the USS Valiant as the Chief Science Officer and Second Officer.

Two years after her assignment to the Valiant a welcome surprise came. A new pip and a new position. Daynah Ral was promoted to Commander and given the position of Executive Officer of the Valiant. It seemed that the Ral symbiote may have another shot at the big chair.
Service Record 2357 - Daynah Sanj is born on Trill

2375 - Daynah Sanj is joined with the symbiote known as Ral in the joining ceremony. Daynah is 18 years of age. This creates the being known as Daynah Ral.

2377 - Leaves Trill and begins to travel the known galaxy

2379 - Enrolls in Starfleet Academy

2383 - Graduates Starfleet Academy is granted the rank of Ensign

2383 - 2385 - Astrometrics Officer USS Roosevelt

2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for Meritorious Service

2386 - Assigned to USS Apollo as Assistant Chief Science Officer

2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2393 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

2395 - Transferred to USS Valiant as Chief Science Officer & Second Officer

2397 - Promoted to Commander and Executive Officer of the USS Valiant

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