Pirates Attack Djux IV system

Posted on Sun Aug 14th, 2022 @ 5:14pm by Commander Rupert Tyree

Federation News Service
By Nees Jahn Kijn, Federation News Service

StarFleet vessels, under the orders of the Federation Defense Committee interdicted pirating vessels in the Djux IV system. Star Fleet vessels detached for special service have been formed into a Task Force, according to Lieutenant Steven Coven, Department of Operational Analysis.

When asked about the Task Force, Lieutenant Coven informed this reporter that member worlds had brought concerns about increased piracy to the Chambers of the Defense Committee and the President.

Those offices, in conjunction with StarFleet put a Task Force in Space and President Turgenev directed intelligence agencies to "Get a handle on these pirates."

When asked about the battle, Captain u'Lana Pinwhistle of the J'Naii freighter Albatros said, "It was great. I thought I...we were in deep trouble. Another freighter just jumped out and then there were StarFleet vessels all over the place. There must have been four or five starships. Those raiders didn't stand a chance!!"

Lieutenant Coven declined to provide details on the Task Force, stating Operational Security. When I spoke to Manager Shim of the Djux IV repair service and repair station, he showed footage of at least four vessels engaged with the pirates. Fleet Intelligence chose to not name the vessels involved, claiming, "We're all StarFleet. We're here to serve and protect the Federation."



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