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Federation News Service
By: Captain Felix Huggins, Acting Public Relations Officer, SF
For the Secretary

Fleet Secretary Jhue is pleased to announce that the Admiralty and his office have accepted an offer by the People of Betazoid to Adopt the USS Valiant.

“Since her launch, a large majority of Valiant’s crew have ties to Betazoid and she has proven herself capable through adversity in the short time she’s been back in service under Captain O’Donnaghue. They’ve rescued unique species from extinction and handled terse diplomatic situations, showing dogged determination to meet expectations of Member worlds of the Federation. As such, the people of Betazoid wish to, through the Valiant, remind everyone of the sacrifices Betazoid made during the war with the Dominion and wish to celebrate those of our people serving aboard Federation Star Ships,” said Administrator Von Gravinal.

In response, Secretary Jhue commented, "This was an easy yes for my office. Representative Yeena made the suggestion during a meeting of the Federation Home Defense Force liaisons and Betazoid was the first member nation to run with the idea. They were given the pick of the fleet and they choose Valiant. Administrator Gravinal stated that the Escort best met popular views on Betazoid: Betazoid's serving aboard StarFleet vessels ready to defend Federation member worlds."

When asked for his comment, Representative Yeena agreed with Secretary Jhue's comments and clarified. "We don't just depend on our Home Defense Forces to protect us, obviously. StarFleet is important in keeping us safe before enemies get close to our beloved worlds. Diplomacy and talking is preferred to conflict. But," the Representative paused, "Having a strong offensive presence can help aggressors take pause and even think twice. Valiant is definitely a Ship to make aggressors think twice."

Valiant is currently landed at the Port of Stems and open for public tours, giving the people of Betazoid a unique opportunity to tour a StarFleet vessel.



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