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Commander Curtis Thibideaux

Name Curtis Hildebrandt Thibideaux

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 182cm.
Weight 79 kg.
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Curtis is a tall, solidly built man of average looks and bearing. He keeps himself well groomed, but his clothing ranges from what's expected of him on duty and what's most comfortable and practical when he can get away with it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Randolph Thibideaux
Mother Hazel Carver-Thibideaux
Brother(s) Allen Thibideaux
George Thibideaux
Sister(s) Veronica Kline
Rachel Thibideaux
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Curt has spent his life in space. He's considers himself a professional spacer and officer, leaning more toward the former in his developing command style. He doesn't stand on ceremony when there's a job to do and prefers smaller ships where the crews become more like a family.

That being said, he is fully aware of that all families have disfunction and as XO, its his job to keep that disfunction, functioning.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+Jack of All Trades

Ambitions Gain his own command and prove himself to his father that he too, like his brothers, is capable of it. After that, have a small command and do interesting work.
Hobbies & Interests Basketball
Boxing / Physical training
Board games

Personal History Born 2.8.2358 aboard the Freighter Cordilan’s Folly in transit between Breighton’s World and Cl’gon’s Moon. The fifth of five children, Jon’s parents raised them all aboard the Folly, which they were 3/4 owners in.

Curt grew up learning the ins and outs of running a small freighter. Like his siblings, he ran maintenance and tried keep out of trouble (mostly) as the ship traveled between ports of call.

By the age of 14 he knew he wanted to serve in StarFleet (where the ships all worked, most of the time and following his father’s footsteps). His parents agreed. He was accepted into the Academy at age 16, and graduated in 2378 and was posted aboard the USS Kilauea, a Saber Class Destroyer as a helmsman. The Kilauea, rushed to Post Dominion War patrol duties around StarBase 310 was a busy ship and in turn, Curtis was kept busy.

In 2379, now Lieutenant J.G. Thibodeaux had been second to the USS Longbow, a reconnaissance Cutter where his small ship experience shined. The Longbow’s Captain, Commander David Peters recommend him for promotion. Two month’s later, he returned to duties aboard the Kilauea.

Six months after that, Kilauea was part of a task force tracking Breen raiders and was subsequently destroyed at the battle of Cestus 7. He survived in one of the Kilauea’s escape pods, though it was 10 days until the damaged pod was recovered.

Upon return and completing required counseling, he was offered a permanent berth aboard the USS Longbow as her helmsman. Being a small ship, Curtis performed a wide set of duties beyond the helm, working with both operations and tactical in the pursuance of the Longbow’s mission. By 2382, he had been promoted to Lieutenant and been the Longbow’s 3rd officer for six months and saw duties as acting XO as well.

By 2383 he was acting as executive officer of the Longbow when Lieutenant Peters was transferred to the USS M’iridian, leaving Curtis in command for several months (due to an administrative error) until a new captain was appointed. In 2384, he was transferred to chief operations officer of Starbase 310.

Two years later, Curtis was offered a position as third in command of the M’iridian by his old CO, now Captain Peters. Curtis accepted He transferred aboard the Nova class escort which was tasked with escorting convoy’s around Deep Space 4 and StarBase 185.

In 2390, after five years of active deep space patrolling, Peters was offered command of star base 621, which he accepted . Curtis stayed aboard as acting executive officer and was promoted to Lieutenant Commander. Two years later, he found himself belatedly attending command training at Star Fleet HQ. Shortly afterwards he was assigned to Vice Admiral Sheila Shy, a Fleet Inspector General as aid-de-camp.

When the assignment for the USS Valiant came up, he applied with the endorsement of the Admiral, who had also pushed through Curtis’s Promotion to Commander.

Curtis’s personal life has mostly been intermittent, leaving him to quote that if the Fleet had wanted him to have a relationship, he’d been issued one. Mostly, he’s been concentrating on work so long, that he considers himself a cliche and perhaps a lost cause. He does stay in touch with his parents and siblings fairly regularity.

His parents are now talking about retirement and his brother Allen is planning on taking command of the Folly, with his other brother George and their two families working the ship. His oldest sister, Veronica (whom he has always been closest to) lives on Mars. She’s an independent engineering consultant, married to another engineer.

His other sister, Rachel, is currently running a trade ship for an Orion shipping company. Rumors in the family are that it has some dealings with the Orion syndicates.
Service Record 2358 - born
2378 - graduated Star Fleet Academy/Posted to USS Kilauea
2379 - Seconded to USS Longbow / Lt. JG.
2380 - Posted to USS Longbow
2382 - Promoted to Lieutenant/Appointed 3rd Officer-USS Longbow
2384 - Posted to Starbase 310 Operations Chief / Tactical
2386 - Transfered to USS M'iridian as 3rd Officer / Operations Chief
2390 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander / XO USS M'iridian
2392 - Command Training
2393 - Appointed Aide to Admiral Vice Admiral Shy / Fleet Inspector General
2395 - Promoted to Commander / Transferred to USS Valiant, as XO

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