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Lieutenant Jayden Meran

Name Jayden Meran

Position Chief Counselor

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.70 m
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description


Father George Nestor
Mother Chelsea Meran-O'Donnaghue
Brother(s) TBD
Sister(s) TBD
Other Family Uncles: Lt. General Craig O'Donnaghue Meran
Lt. General Meran Marci
Commander Natan O'Donnaghue

Aunts: Commander Layla O'Donnaghue Meran
Vice Admiral (Ambassador) Talim Meran
Lieutenant Commander Bella O'Donnaghue
Stepfather: Spencer Meran O'Donnaghue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jayden is intense, and like his mother, easily overwhelmed by strong emotions. But overall, friendly, highly intelligent. And sometimes a little peculiar.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Empathic
-Stubborn at times
-Easily overwhelmed
Hobbies & Interests Jayden likes to break dance and sing karaoke.
And just like his uncles he loves to box.

Personal History Jayden was born on Starbase Archangel to Chelsea Meran and George Nestor. But the relation between the two wasn't lasting and Chelsea transferred with her son to Starbase Guardian's Hope. She was doubling there as a chief Medical Officer and a Chief Counselor.

From a young age, Chelsea thought he was special. Having a special and beautiful brain. In many ways Jayden reminded her of Layla, Chelsea's younger sister. In comparison his cousin Samantha is Brilliant and rowdy as her mother, but Jayden has the brilliancy and peculiar like his aunt. This clear from his young as he was always looking for the father figure in his life.

Later he found this in his mother's new love interest Spencer O'Donnaghue. He grew up on the Arlington, which was slowly turning in to a family ship. Spencer took his new role very serious. And Jayden never met his real father, as his real father wanted nothing to do with his son.

Just like his mother he went on to study medicine. With his gift he knew he would be better matched as a psychiatrist like his mother. But this didn't stopped him from also studying neuro sciences and neurosurgery like his aunt. Just like his aunt he followed the medical academy on Betazed and later on his 18th he continued his studies on Earth, on Harvard medical, where they were eager to have another of the Merans in their school.

By the age of 22 Jayden applied for the Academy. He did both the medical officer and the counselor course, but this was more that he was eager to learn. And he did some hand to hand, as well as basic engineering courses. By the age of 26 he left the academy and was assigned to the USS Siberia, doubling as both counselor and medical officer. The job was both challenging for his mind and he really liked it.

When the Siberia was mothballed and the Captain reassigned, he took a little hiatus to visit his grandparents on Betazed and later his grandparents on Earth.

He returned and called upon his mother to request to be assigned near his family. He was assigned to the USS Valiant. With the recommendation of his former captain, Captain Daniella Le Williams.
Service Record 2385-2389 Starfleet Academy
2389-2394 USS Siberia: Counselor and Medical Officer
2396-Present USS Valiant-Chief Counselor/Second Officer

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