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First Officer's Log, XC501

Posted on Sun Feb 13th, 2022 @ 10:51pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux

554 words; about a 3 minute read

“We’re ten hours outside of Valdivae and I can’t say I’m sorry to be gone from the place. The mission with Ambassador Telford was a cluster from he get-go and it’s done damage to the integrity of the crew.

First and foremost, of course, is the Death of the Ambassador at the hands of former Chief Operations Officer, Lieutenant Day Smith who is currently ensconced in Valiant’s brig pending turn over to Starfleet Security on DS9.

Joining her in the cells is Ensign Shen Gan’Agar who according to evidence provided by our cook, Ainsley Shaw, assisted Smith. Now, Ms. Shaw has identified herself as a Federation Security Specialist, embedded in the crew to evaluate us. Why? She wouldn’t say but we’re going to need a cook as she’s remained behind on Valdivae.

Speaking of that, also remaining behind on Valdivae is Lieutenant Kolan, who is acting as chief diplomatic officer to Valdivae for the Federation. I’m not sure how long her TDY will last, but she’s going to do what she can to placate the Valdivae until a new Ambassador arrives.

Not sure when that will be.

Fallout from the Ambassador’s Death has fallen on Lieutenant J.G. Lisa Creed. We took an arse chewing from Admiral Manananock but he refused to lower the boom on either Captain O’Donnaghue or myself. Instead, he picked up the rather poor efficiency ratingI’d written for Chief Creed and stated that the blame rested with Security.

Creed has underwent Captain’s Mast and has been removed from her role as Security Chief. We’ll be shopping for a new one of those but who knows when Bu’Pers will find us a replacement.

We’ll also need yet another Chief Medical Officer. Lieutenant Grayson also choose to remain on Valdivae to work with the natives in an outreach program.

Not sure they need it so much, but the Federation is desperate to turn things around.

Ensign Rapp has been keeping their nose clean thus far, but has been somewhat underwhelming in fitting into the crew. Hopefully that turns around in the near future.

We haven’t heard anything from Lieutenant Commander Bella, but with Intel you never know. I know the skipper is anxious and maybe we’ll get some kind of an update once we hit DS9.

Lieutenant, J.G. Repatha is keeping things held together and recently we moved in together after gaining approval from the Captain. She’s fairly eager to jump the broom but we’ll see when we can find the time.

Captain O’Donnaghue and Commander Ral have taken the presence of the Lemurs to Science and I think it’s a welcome distraction.

Speaking of the Lemurs, they’re not having a lot of effect on the crew, though some have become attached to members of the crew so we’ll have to visit that, but from the Captain’s reaction I’m guessing a few will be allowed to remain aboard if the Lemurs want.

The rest of the crew seems to be weathering the whole thing fair enough and I have hopes that things will brighten up with a more or less routine mission into the Gamma Quadrant.

End Log.


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