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Posted on Tue Feb 25th, 2020 @ 9:50pm by Lieutenant JG T'Pel

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Personal Log, Lieutenant T'Pel

I have received permission to disembark Starbase 1 for my new assignment to the USS Valiant as Assistant Chief of Operations. It has been nearly twelve years since my last starship assignment and I am pleased with the orders upon their arrival.

My time aboard Starbase 1 has been enlightening. My first interactions with other Humanoid species were not without their faults. I have too often fell victim of the "practical joke". Lieutenant Darren Myers has repeatedly stated that if they did not like me, they would not tease me. It was difficult to see the logic in such a statement, but my instructors on Human culture informed me that the most logical point about Humans, is how illogical they are.

Still, I have grown accustom to their presence and sense that I find leaving this place difficult. I have been here six years and my commanding officers have all expressed their feelings of losing my services. However, Starfleet would not assign me away if my expertise was not needed elsewhere.

Commander Taggert insisted upon a "going away" party. A ceremony I have yet to fully grasp. If a celebration, then I do not completely understand the constant barrage of why their emotional attachment to me is to be missed. It seems counterproductive.

My father is pleased with newest assignment. He was correct to assume I would find Starbase 1 not to my liking given my near 30 years of Starship duty. My mother laments my decision to return to space. She was most pleased when I joined the Conservatory. While it provided it's intellectual challenges, to coin a human phrase, "You can take the girl out of space, but you can't take Space from the girl."

My transport ship will arrive within the hour. This will be my last personal log aboard Starbase 1. I leave knowing that I have performed my duties satisfactory and await the challenges of new assignment.

End personal log



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