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Lieutenant JG T'Pel

Name T'Pel

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 120 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slender in build and wears her hair in the traditional Vulcan style, but had worn her hair in longer form


Spouse None
Children None
Father Suval
Mother T'Lel
Sister(s) T'Lal
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview As most Vulcans, T'Pel has suppressed the vast majority of her emotions and embraces Logic. Still, she can be headstrong and difficult in accepting that she may not have the correct solution. However, given her musical training, she is willing to improvise when needed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Logical and analytical. Works well in both individual and team environments. Has the ability to improvise.

Weaknesses: Her purely Vulcan upbringing has made adjusting to other forms of life difficult.
Ambitions To return to starship duty and command a Starfleet vessel
Hobbies & Interests Music, Kal-Toh, Is intrigued by mystery holo-novels

Personal History T'Pel was born to Suval and T'Lel as their youngest child in 2333. Her father, Suval served in the Vulcan Diplomatic Corp and her mother, a highly-regarded poet and musician.

As is typical of most Vulcan households, T'Pel when she reached the Age of Reason of 14, she was betrothed for an arranged marriage by her parents to the son of a prominent family well known within the Vulcan Ministry of Security.

Her early childhood development was entrusted to her mother. T'Pel would learn to play the Ka'athrya (Vulcan harp/lute) and several Earth instruments as the piano and violin. Her mother explained that learning the instruments of another world, would teach her daughter to appreciate the instruments of her home planet.

T'Pel was a skilled musician and performed for Vulcan High Command in the youth orchestra ten years running during the Tal-Shanar Holiday Celebration.

When she reached the Age of Reason, her upbringing was then entrusted to her Father. Suval trained T'Pel in Vulcan history, government and the values of Logic. T'Pel was particularly intrigued by the stories of Surak and his discovery of Logic. His death on Mount Seleya being one of her favorite stories.

At the age of 20 in 2353, T'Pel began her apprenticeship with the Vulcan Science Academy at her father's behest. T'Pel challenged this decision as she wished to attend the Music Conservatory. A deal was struck that she would finish her studies and then if she decided on the Conservatory, her father would give her his blessing.

T'Pel through herself into her studies taking particular interest in Starship Operations and Federation History. After one year of study, T'Pel informed her father that she would continue her training at the Academy, a decision that he stated was "most logical".

Upon her graduation in 2361, T'Pel was assigned to the Science Directorate and assigned as Deputy Operations Officer aboard the Vulcan Frigate, Kal Remin. T'Pel would go on to serve 25 years within the Directorate and aboard six starships within the Vulcan fleet.

In 2386, T'Pel returned to Vulcan to fulfill her arranged marriage commitment to her betrothed, Surel. However, during her travel home, Surel was killed in a transporter accident and Surel's family released her from the obligation. T'Pel did honor Surel's family by incorporating their family crest into her own unique emblem on her clothing.

T'Pel returned to music soon after her return to Vulcan. She was accepted as an associate instructor at the Conservatory and held the position for four years. T'Pel while pleased by the job, had grown restless and in 2390, submitted her application to Starfleet Academy. She was soundly accepted and given her decades worth of experience in starship duty, she was fast-tracked to senior year and completed a reduced course in Starfleet procedures.

T'Pel would also take part in a 14-week course at the Vulcan Compound in Saucilito, California which assisted Vulcans who had no interaction with other species. This course assisted T'Pel in the difficult interactions with extremely emotional species. Even with the course, T'Pel found it incredibly difficult to interact with other races, especially humans.

Upon graduation, T'Pel took a position within Starfleet Command as a Logistics Officer at Starbase 1.
Service Record 2353 - Begins studies at the Vulcan Science Academy

2361 - Graduates 14th in her class from the Vulcan Science Academy

2361 - Assigned as Deputy Operations Officer, Vulcan Frigate, Kal Remin

2364 - Assigned as Deputy Chief, Operations, Vulcan Frigate, Vankaara

2369 - Assigned Chief of Operations, Vulcan Cruiser, Seleya

2371 - Assigned Second Officer, Chief of Operations, Vulcan Cruiser, Tal'Van

2379 - Assigned Executive Officer, Vulcan Science Cruiser, Surak

2384 - Assigned Operations Superintendent, Vulcan Home Vessel, Veranden

2387 - Assigned, Reserve Captain, Vulcan Reserve Fleet (Inactive Status)

2387 - Accepts Associate Instructor Position, Vulcan Music Conservatory

2390 - Submits resignation to Vulcan Music Conservatory

2390 - Accepted into Starfleet Service and assigned to Starfleet Academy Accelerated Course

2391 - Graduates Starfleet Academy Accelerated Course and assigned Operations Logistical Officer, Starbase 1

2396 - Assigned, Assistant Chief of Operations, USS Valiant

2396 - Assigned, Chief of Operations, USS Valiant, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant

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