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Lieutenant Amy Gordon

Name Amy Nikita Gordon

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 135
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color light brown
Physical Description Amy is a physically fit woman with an slim hourglass figure. Her face is oval shaped with naturally wavy dark brown hair. Her light brown eyes can be either expressive or at times cold depending on the situation she is in.


Father Artemus Cadogan Gordon
Mother Branwen Siani (Tegan)
Brother(s) Rhys David Gordon (30)
Colwyn Idris Gordon (28)
Other Family Cousin Mary Elizabeth Dewhurst
Cousins Stan Lee and James Dewhurst
Uncle Tristan Dewhurst.

Maternal Grandparents
Davyn and Gwyndolyn Tegan living in Wales

Paternal Grandparents
Edgar and Marguerite Gordon living in Massachesetts

Personality & Traits

General Overview Amy has a multitude of different personality traits. Most times though when you first meet her, she gives out the aura of a quiet, observational person. Once she gets to know you, she is more animated. She is a naturally inquisitive woman, liking to find out information. She is a persistent individual and sometimes it would turn into stubbornness.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Insightful

-Feels that she has to live up to the name she was given, following in her ancestor's footsteps.
Ambitions To help people of the citizens of the Federation and others by ferreting out information. Other Ambitions will develop
Hobbies & Interests Acting, hand to hand combat, gemology, History, Baking, languages. Archery. Fencing and knives. Can use a phaser rather well, gadgetry. Loves to draw. Plays the violin and flute. Reading

Skills that Amy has, lipreading, shadowing, mimicry of voices. Sleight of hand. To name a few.

Personal History Amy's place of birth was Worthington, Massachusetts. She grew up on a family owned piece of land about 12 acres. They had horses, and had a greenhouse as well as some agriculture, mainly a self sufficient piece of property, Her mother was a teacher, her father was in StarFleet, Intelligence , retired. Her older brother, Rhys David Gordon is in intelligence, her other older brother,Colwyn Idris Gordon helps to run the estate.

The 'family' business of being in intelligence can be traced all the way to Lionel Gordon the older brother of Artemus Gordon, his wife Georgette Burroughs was the Great Aunt of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Lionel is related to a member of the Scarlet Pimpernel League. James Gordon the son of Lionel was named after James West a friend of. Artemus Gordon who was one of the agents working for Ulysses Simpson Grant.

The first Amy Nikita Gordon, had been an agent for the government but due to her being a woman, her involvement in this sort of action, she had to hide it. She was known as being a woman reporter, something dangerous for a woman back then. The first Amy had dressed as a man when she had to travel on her own, as it wasn't proper for a woman to travel alone. However, this story isn't about the first Amy Nikita Gordon, this is about the current one.

Due to her mother being a teacher, Amy showed interest in reading at the tender age of three years old and was eager to learn languages. She was a very curious little girl wanting to know a lot. Her mother Branwen, was of the mindset that if a child shows interest in learning, they should be taught. Branwen taught not only her daughter but also her sons. Trystan and Branwen wanted their children to have as simple of a life as possible. As in, enjoying their childhood, while they could and not be caught up in things that were on the horizon.

Not too far from Gordon Estate, were the relatives of the Gordon's. Uncle Tristan Denys Dewurst and his wife Melanie Abigail. They lived there with their two boys, and their youngest and only daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Amy and Mary were close like sisters, even fighting like they were sisters. The older boys, Stan Lee and James Edgar liked hanging out with their cousins. Between the two estates there were plenty of places for the kids to roam. The grandparents on the Dewhurst side lived in town, much the same as the Gordon grandparents.

Amy wanted to join StarFleet when she was sixteen but her parents wanted her to wait until she was at least seventeen. Amy agreed as she was still in 'high school' and she was going to graduate with honors. Once she graduated Amy took the entrance exam and was accepted in StarFleet Academy. Amy's goal was to be in intelligence, she also was going into science. Amy enjoyed being in Academy, though she was someone who likes to watch people, watching their body language. It was something she had learned when a little girl. Her dad wanted her to be prepared, quizzing her on what she observed things she could pick up. Those skills that her father and mother had taught her, kept her out of trouble from time to time. Amy had also continued her love for the theater when she was in academy as well.

Joined StarFleet Academy Age 17 graduated age 21

2392-2395 As soon as she graduated from the Academy, Amy was pulled into intelligence work with her brother and her father, doing some undercover work. They worked as part of a ragamuffin crew going from place to place working for a living. The SS Marlin was more of an undercover small vessel utilized to seek out information.

2395-2397 Amy's father was called away to go back to Earth, her brother was called to another ship. Amy was sent to serve on an Akira class ship, the USS Pathfinder as part of the intelligence team. The Pathfinder was one of the ships that had been put back together by the Klingons after being found derelict near Zarush by Chancellor Martok; it had taken part in obliterating a Cardassian Base In the Pearl Nebula in the Alpha Quadrant. This happened in 2377.

2395-2397 Amy was called upon to be part of the crew of the USS Pathfinder Akira class ship, as part of the intelligence team. While she was the quiet reserved sort of woman, her department head of the team on the Akira was LTCMDR Rene' Denys was more of a flamboyant lively person. They were foil for each other and seemed to work rather well together.

This sort of cohesiveness caused another one of the team to be a bit jealous, her name, Millicent Bertrand. She had feelings for the commander and did what she could to be teamed up with him but it never happened. He saw through her plots of being with him alone. He wasn't one who wanted to get intimately close romantically with those who served under him. It would cause problems on a professional level. Amy never tried to get close to him in that manner. He and Amy had a connection, but it was more on the friendship level, and that was all. It wasn't the fact that he wasn't good looking, it was just more of, well she considered him to be like a brother in some instances.

8 months into the year 2396, Amy and Millicent were sent out on a mission to gain pertinent information from a contact that lived in a village of those who wished to live the simple life. Both were of the same build and had the same color of hair, Millicent had lighter hair but not by much. They were to pose as sisters, Amy did raise an objection to being teamed up with Millicent as the woman would not work with her. Both of them had a very strong dislike of each other. More than once Milly had done her best to shed a bad light on Amy and also was very difficult whenever they were teamed up. There was quite a bit of squabbling when they were done with a mission. Amy did her best to keep her cool, and walk away from Millicent.

On the last mission they did together, the two women barely managed to get the sought after information, Millicent already being difficult. They were able to get to the craft they were using, and left the planet they were on, to rendezvous with the USS Pathfinder. On the way to the rendezvous point, the craft they were in ran into trouble not being able to go back to the planet they had been, Amy and Millicent had to land on another planet, a class M, having sent out a signal to hopefully be rescued by the USS Pathfinder or someone else.
Service Record 2388-2392 StarFleet Academy
2392-2395 SS Marlin, Intelligence
2395-2397 USS Pathfinder
2397- USS Valiant

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