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Terrorists Attack Star Base 80; Who were they?

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 7:19pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux

Terrorists Attack Star Base 80; Who were they?
by Amalen Fong, Ched’renak Reporter; AFN

Five days ago, explosions rocked Star Base 80, a Federation Outpost in the Typhon Expanse of the Beta Quadrant. All in all, twelve explosions threatened the station and the thousands of beings who live and transit through the busy hub.

Yet, to date no one knows who they were. In a press release, Admiral Sheldon Li stated that Star Fleet has the matter under control and is investigating all leads.

When queried what those leads were, the Admiral was less than forth coming, sticking with “I cannot comment on a current investigation.”

This reporter was on SB80 when the bombs struck, so I took to the station’s corridors and public spaces. Interviewing any uniform that would talk to me. I found no few number willing to voice their concerns on the condition of anonymity.

The sad part of all this is that they really don’t know who did this. They have a few lead’s they’re following, but one security officer told me the brass almost always depends on guilty parties taking credit to help direct their so called investigations.

In this case, what leads the Security office had were hitting dead ends and no one was claiming responsibility. So, the investigation will continue.

Amid all the chaos, the ship I was traveling with had their own drama when one of their crew, the USS Valiant’s Intelligence officer Lieutenant Commander Bella O' Donnaghue was kidnapped and her husband, Commander Natan O’Donnaghue and Captain of the Valiant was reportedly restrained and under threat of an explosive device at the same time.

However, eye witnesses claim Commander O’Donnaghue was found by station security alone and nude in his visiting officer quarters…with no sign of the lovely Lieutenant Commander.

Certain parties spoke of a lovers spat, while station reports confirmed that the Intelligence Officer was reported missing, possibly kidnapped by the same somebodies who set off the explosives aboard the station.

Whether these matters are linked is yet to be seen. If the kidnapping story was not some cover story used to cover up the nepotism reports aboard the USS Valiant.

This reporter learned through records and first hand interview with Commander O’Donnaghue that he had served with his brother in law, Captain of the Jackdaw, previous to this assignment. During the interview, the Commander stated that he and his wife worked well together as they had previously aboard his brother in law’s ship. When asked about the current crew of the Valiant, Commander O’Donnaghue avoided commenting on his new crew, merely stating that he had met the command staff.

Given a new command, even one as small as Valiant, this reporter could understand not having met all of his officers. But it spoke volumes about O’Donnaghue’s faith and trust in his new command, beyond his Intelligence officer.

Though it has been just days since the events of the bombing which killed 48 and injured 100’s, every person I interviewed felt displeasure at the ‘No comment on an current investigation’ message being bandied about by Star Fleet.

This reporter will next be contacting the Civilian governor of the station to find out their comments and the mood of the diplomatic corp.


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