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Ensign Lisa Creed

Name Lisa Creed

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5Ft 5”
Weight 135 Lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Lisa has blonde hair that is shoulder length and is Five feet five inches tall with Green eyes and a medium build, she has a sparkling personality and is fun to be around and is very flirtatious with other women.


Father Sam Creed
Mother Mary Creed
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview
Strengths & Weaknesses Lisa's main strength is her loyalty to those around her with her duty to the Captain first and making friends a close second, her weakness is that she fears getting attached to someone and getting hurt by them.
Ambitions Her ambition is to have her own command and explore the farthest reaches of space.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, reading

Personal History Lisa was born in 2364 to sam and Mary Creed, Lisa had a lonely childhood as she grew up with only those that she trusted, even in school she felt that some would not even g near her and others would. but for Lisa who just concentrated on her school work. Lisa wondered how and why that people were staying away from her.

It was at the start of her high school years that Lisa started to make friends , but only with the girls and not many male friends, this had started to worry her mother as Lisa was there only daughter, Lisa tried to tell her mother that she was happy but didn't know why

WHilst At the Academy Lisa met Paula Winchester who offered to help her get her grades up, whilst doing so, in the first year or so they had become quite close, although through the third semester Lisa was starting to get attached .to Paula. During one of these afternoon sessions Lisa leaned over and Kissed Paula on the lips.

It was after Graduation that Paula revealed her true feelings for Lisa in front of her family, Which her Mother and father was ok with it but not Paula’s Brother Paul who vowed never to talk to Paula again, this upset both women

In 2781 Lisa was assigned to the USS Soval and after saying her goodbyes to Paula, Lisa knew that she would see her friend again and hoped to keep in touch with her, During the Soval’s 2 year mission, Lisa saw distant planets and different skies and met new species and also new threats and met new friends as well.

Upon the Soval’s return to earth in 2783, Lisa and the rest of the Soval’s crew were reassigned to the USS Journeyman which her assignment only lasted a year before she was yet again reassigned to Obsidian Colony in 2784 where Lisa had a hard job convincing the locals that they were their to help them when they lost power. Soon after she received a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade

A year later the senior staff were assigned to the USS Draconis, unfortunately for Lisa she was only their a month before being sent back to Obsidian colony as its Assistant Chief Security officer hen the previous one left to become chief of Security upon the Draconis. Within 3 months Lisa once more was reassigned to the USS Gladiator as the Ship’s Assistant chief Security/Tactical. During that time with Her lover Paula Winchester, she became acquainted once more with Paula’s Brother Paul, Who taught her how to fly and helped her gain her pilot's licence, Although she had missed out on that side of things in the academy. Now she wanted to combine the two, her command skills with flying.

Service Record 2776-2777 cadet years 1 General Studies
2777-2778 Security basic training
2778-2779 Small weapons training
2779-2780 advanced weapons training
2780-2781 Training cruiser USS Odin
2781-2783 Ensign-Security USS Soval
2783- 2784 Ensign Security USS Journeyman
2784- 2785 Lieutenant JG Security Obsidian Colony
2785-2785 Lieutenant Jg Security USS Draconis (1 month)
2785-2785 Lieutenant Jg Assistant Chief Security Obsidian Colony ( 3 months)
2785- 2785 Lieutenant Jg - Assistant chief Security/Tactical- USS Gladiator

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