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Lieutenant JG R'nosi

Name R'nosi

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95cm(6ft4in)
Weight 178lbs
Hair Color Tan
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description Tall then individual standing at over six feet. Typical caitian looks with reddish fur. His fur lightens as it gets closer to his hands and feet.

Slight limp in right knee due to a previously broken leg. Yellow eyes. Messy brown hair

Posture in between fully erect and slouching. This is a direct result of his broken leg.

On duty he prefers duty uniform or authorized variant. Off duty he dresses down. preferring t shirt and shorts most of the time.


Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fun, easy going guy. R'Nosin is ready to find humor in most any situation. Loyal to his friends and CO's.

Easy to get to know, and very approachable. He is not averse to introducing himself to a stranger. He is a very driven individual. However, his first care is his friends and he is willing to put his life in danger to save them.

On the other side of the coin he can go into bouts of depression. He likes to work his way out of these however by using cooking as a coping mechanism
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths would include problem solving skills taught to him through the rigors of life. Ability to see the humor in a bad situation. Among others

He has been known to take an odd stupid risk now and then.
Ambitions Not very ambitious of and individual. R'Nosins only aim is to serve. He has entertained the notion of settling down with the right girl and leaving space to start a family. So far he has been unsuccessful
Hobbies & Interests Bit of a nerd

Personal History R'Nosin is a typical Starfleet officer who still does some cooking on the side. He led a pretty much normal life. School, Community college, etc. Well, as normal a Starfleet brats life can get. According to his file he was born to two Starfleet officers attached to the USS Deforce. His mother served as a nurse and his father was an ops officer on the bridge. He wlso had a younger brother who was his shadow

He went to primary school on the great Galaxy class ship and made quite a few friends. They went on many adventures on the holodecks. They had quite imaginative ideas but R'Nosin had the most fun learning to play the Violin. He practiced daily and eventually got to the point that he gave recitals to anyone who would listen.

When not at violin practice or in the holodeck he was spending time with family, specifically his brother. The pair were basically joined at the hip.

The family stayed on the deforce all through the childrens primary school until the parents were reassigned to the USS Bismarck. Life continued like before for the most part. It was here that the boys gave a good bit of thought to their future. After a few years of soul searching they independently decided on Starfleet. R'Nosin choosing fleet while Pruaw the SFMC.

R'Nosin got shipped off to Starfleet Academy while Pruaw went to Annapolis. The pair stayed in touch. Each were present at the others commissioning ceremonies. Then came the time that they were separated for the last time. R'Nosin was assigned back to the Deforce as a shuttle pilot while Pruaw was given a platoon to command on the Enterprise.

Years went by and eventually R'Nosin was assigned to Vulcan. It was there that he heard of his brothers unfortunate demise. He had been reassigned from the Enterprise to a ship patrolling the Delta quadrant. They run afuld of a Borg cube and in the process Pruaw was assimilated.

Needless to say R'Nosin was overcome by grief. Rather than let it eat away at him he chose to keep busy, putting 110 percent into his work.

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Service Record Primary School USS Deforce

Secondary School USS Bismark

Starfleet Academy- Specialty piloting
Bachelors in fina arts in Music, Minor in Art
Qualifications Starfleet Primary School diploma GPA 3.2

Secondary school diploma GPA 3.6
Arts, College prep

Starfleet Academy graduate GPA 3.8
shuttle squadron
Commendations Starfleet Good Conduct Medal
Qyalified phaser marksman at Academy pilot range
Earned shuttle pilot wings
Service Record Starfleet Academy 4 years

Assigned USS Deforce-Junior helm officer

Starfleet Base, Vulcan

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