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Lieutenant JG Mishka Ru'fallo

Name Mishka Ru'fallo

Position Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Sodeskaian
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 195 cm
Weight 113 kg.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Gold flecked brown
Physical Description Tall and solidly built, the bear none the less still displays a classical female shape.

For a bear.

She's covered with a full coat of reddish dull copper fur, which can change color slightly in variations as her mood changes. Mishka takes pride in her appearance, typically wearing tailored uniforms and always being well turned out. She has intelligent gold flecked, brown eyes and expressive, ears.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Marko
Mother Nina
Brother(s) Dimitri
Sister(s) Cassandra
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mishka is a very bright, inquisitive woman with an active mind and curiosity that could very well get her into trouble. She's eager to prove her self and raise through the ranks, and readily admits that her rapid raise in the ranks was due to good fortune and being in the right place and the right time.

Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart
+Well read

-Doesn't like to admit when she's wrong
-Family connections
Ambitions Protect her family...her species from outside threats. Fast track for her own command some day.
Hobbies & Interests Engineering

Personal History Mishka grew up on Sodeskaian IV, where her father physician and her mother a counselor. She excelled in school like the majority of bears and after school, attended the Sodeskaian Institute of Technology, where she studied energy distribution networking.

During her second year, however she found herself drawn to a Star Fleet academy program and found herself transferring to Star Fleet Academy as an exchange officer as a member of the Sodeskaian Defense Fleet. She found herself drawn to tactical studies and remembered the stories of the Borg. As a child she'd been terrified of losing herself to the Collective. As she grew older, she became intrigued in them and her studies tracked.

At Star Fleet, she transferred tactical and found herself with a commission two years later to Ensign, which she accepted. The argument with her folks was fairly spectacular as they had gone to a certain amount of trouble to arrange her life for her and they haven't spoken since.

Her education and abilities didn't go un-noticed and she was posted to Captain Evelyn Wells as a system's analyst in the Integrated Warfare Systems Command at Fleet Headquarters. That position lasted eighteen months before Well's transferred out. Before she left, however she pushed through a promotion for Mishka to Lieutenant J.G. and offered up a choice of assignments. Mishka decided she wanted to get away from Fleet head quarters, even if it would be better for her career.

She's more interested in actual hands on then pushing data around.

Mishka's also been aware that her personal life has suffered and she's recently started formulating a plan to live a little more....
Service Record 2371 Born
2389-2391 Sodeskaian Technical Institute; Sodeskaian Defense Fleet Cadet
2391-2392 Star Fleet Academy, Engineering; Tactical Studies
2392-2393 Star Fleet Academy, Tactical studies
2393-2395 Assigned, IWSC (Integrated Warfare Systems Command)
2395 -Detached Star Fleet Headquarters, IWSCto Star Base 80's Replacement Officer Pool
Current (2395) - Detached SB80's ROP. Assigned as Tactical officer, USS Valiant

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