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Ensign Parker Rapp

Name Parker James Rapp

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Ash Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Parker stands at 5 feet and 9 inches , long black hair slender looking face. A beard adorning it, Bulky but lean at his mid drift and dainty hands for a man. He is tall and a mixed garbelled mess of his heritage, american-irish. His hair is as black as ravens feathers and his eyes as deep a blue as lagoon. Parkers complexion is quite pale, which makes his eyes stand out a little more.

On duty his uniform is a yellow top and black botooms and boots signifying he was Helm.Outside of his duty Parker tends to wear black jeans, boots and button down shirts.


Spouse N/A
Children NA
Father Phillip Arther Rapp
Mother Prudence Jane Rapp (Nee;Fortiscew)
Brother(s) Addison Rapp
Sister(s) Piper Sarah Jayne Rapp
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Parker Rapp was a millitary son from the get go, son of marine and starfleet nurse. Parker is a quiet storm, methodical and emotional. His emotions lead him, some say its his heart does but to him emotions and heart are to very separate entity's.Hes practical and good with his hands he loves fully and is the loyalist soul you'll meet! Has the temper of an ox and the fists to match for helms man hes awfully aggressive.

But that maight come from his time spent in starfleets marines, for which he only served the 6 months basic training and couldn't physically take to it! He has a heart of gold but will always back you up should you need it and will have you best interest at heart.
Strengths & Weaknesses Streangths:
Good Hand to Hand
Communicates well and plays well with others
Knows Star Charts
Can Navigate Anything up to an Intrepid class ship


Quick to Anger
Doesn't always think things through
Can get Overly Attached To Easily
Puts him self and his abilities down
Self critical
Ambitions To serve starfleet to the best of his ability
Captain his own Ship One day
Hobbies & Interests Cooking
Jiu Jitsu

Personal History Parker rapp was born in idaho, Montana to be exact! His ftaher was a starfleet marine and his mother a medical officer. Being the first born child he was given to his grand parents to look after whilst his parents were stationed abord different ships in different quadrents! He got to see his parents once very six months when they would come back to DS9 for rest and recouperation.

Parker had hopes of joining the starfleet marine corps, like his father and when the time coem he applied, however he only made it through the basic 6 months training before his CO writ him off and told him he was not marine marital. At a total loss, parker fell into a depression, where he felt he coudlent do anything right! Then his grand mother said “You always loved the stars as a boy why dont you go out there piolt a starship” up on those very words leaving her mouth he asked his mother if she would counter sign his enorllment to Starfleet academy!

He began to flourish in his classes, attaining almost high end results for his classes! Just before he graduated he was placed aboard the USS Greyson a miranda class ship, he was a cadet at this point and now was learning his craft as a helms man. He was great at making friends after this assignment he graduated and was awarded the rank of ensign.

Now he has been reassigned to the USS Valiant a brand new defiant class ship that is now under the guise of starfleet intelligence!
Service Record Starfleet Marine Corps (6 months Basic Training;Discharged)
Starfleet Acadamy (Helm Training)
USS Greyson (Cadet Assignment)
Graduated Acadamy
USS Vallient (Ensign:Cheif Flight Control)

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