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Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal)

Name Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal)

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7'
Weight 124
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown (right) Violet (Left)
Physical Description She is of average height and build, filling out her uniform nicely, with shapely legs and bust. Dark trill spots running down her face and disappearing under her uniform. Her beauty was usually secondary to the borg implants on her face, and the violet left eye.


Father Theon Marshal
Mother Alexia Marshal
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Keeps to herself, knowing that a reclaimed borg is not among the list of things that makes a crew happy. Is trying to improve her medical skills and knowledge. Suffers badly from a form of Multi personality disorder due to the removal of her Trill symbiont, and being part of the Borg collective. Is known to talk to herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength:
Extensive Knowledge of the Collective and there data banks

Limited Bedside manner
Still thinks as a member of the collective
Multi Personality Disorder (3 from the hosts of the symbiont and at least 1 from the borg collective)
Bugs or insects of any type
Bug Bites
Ambitions Staying alive
Not getting re assimilated again
To work through her PTSD of when she was a borg
Hobbies & Interests Assmil….Oops

Personal History Kaitlynn was born a country bumpkin, on a farm far from the major cities on Trill. Mom and Dad, both 3rd generation farmers. Kaitlynn didn't want to be a farmer, she wanted to be a doctor, especially after her father became ill and it left him permanently paralyzed on his left side. They were able to hire a few local hands to help run the farm; that's when she met Christian. A year younger than her and a local boy, they fell in love and planned to marry when he graduated high school. They had a terrible fight and he just about killed her in a rage, she broke it off and left for Medical School on Trill. Working two jobs when not in school she paid her way through school. Three years into her quest to be a doctor her father died and mom had to sell the farm. Mom moved close and helped Kaitlynn pay for school. She ended up graduating third in her class. The symbiosis commission took notice when her name was suggested. She passed the trials with no problem. She was bonded with the Caine symbiote.

Felix Caine 26 years bonded killed in a transporter accident
Annalisa Caine (Bowman) 19 years bonded together, was killed by a jealous husband.
Castian Caine 53 years unknown what happened to him as everything about him is classified top secret by star fleet and Symbiosis Commission.

Once she bonded with the symbiote she was selected to joined StarFleet and finish becoming a doctor. 4 long years later she graduated and was posted on the USS Ashland, a science vessel assigned to study the Borg.

During a mission to examine and research the interworking of a Borg cube, things went wrong and she and 95% of the crew of the Ashland were assimilated. The symboit was removed and died, Kaitlynn too died but with borg, tech was brought back to life. Over the next two years, she was part of the assimilation crew, having assimilated hundreds if not thousands of different people. Designated 2 of 7.

She was liberated by a group of Starfleet officers, on a stealth mission aboard a Borg cube. She spent the next 4 years reintegrating into society. Along with the removal of her Borg parts. She was part of a study to remove the need for regeneration and return to her more natural biological needs. She was one of 16 to survive the experiment.

She was recommissioned as a Lieutenant and sent to act as the Cheif Medical Officer and Borg specialist on the Valient.

Service Record Star Fleet Academy (2387- 2391)
USS Ashland (2391-2391) Lieutenant
Assimilated Borg Drone (2391-2393) As 2 of 9
USS Valient (2397) Lieutenant

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