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Lieutenant Commander Bella O'Donnahue

Name Bella Alannah O'Donnahue

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5
Weight 120
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bella stands at around five feet and five inches, a slender and well looked after body, as well as toned. Her hair is at her shoulders and is always straight.Her appearance gives off the whole no nonsense attitude. Her eyes whilst being blue swim with ghosts. Her complexion is rather fair but she tones it up with a little makeup. Opting for darker pallets and reds for her lipstick. Balck is this ladies favourite colour. She will often wear her hair up on duty, but other wise its down. Her duty uniform is Starfleet intelligence standard issue and is always pristine.
Off duty you will find the eldest O’Donnaghue wearing black t-shirts, black trousers and Shoes. But sometimes if your real lucky you’ll spot her in a black vintage 1950s dress with the matching head band to match and the slightly vibrant make up to make her self that much more appealing. However her life as an intelligence operative has really taken its tole on her, she has scars on upper arms from skirmishes with Klingons and the like. Even has a slight scar on his perfectly formed thin lips that is barely visible unless you're up close.


Spouse Natan Meran
Children Aidan O'Donnaghue-Meran (35)
Eron Ethan & Eismil O'Donnaghue-Meran (Twins; 20 years old)
Father Padraig Montgomery O'Donaghue
Mother Theresa Lillian O'Donaghue
Brother(s) Padraig Montgomery O'donnaghue
EJ O'donnaghue
Craig O'Donnaghue
Sister(s) Chelsea Meran (Sister in law)
Layla Meran-O'Donnaghue (Sister in law)
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bella is one word short of a firecracker, fiery and oh so opinionated. Yet fiercely protective of her family, Lord help the women who marry her brothers, or the women that hurt them. Bella is a force to reckoned with. She has a good heart, but often dosent show her emotions unless shes around her brothers, with whom she has the best repour. As an intelligence officer she is detached and very cold, infact most know her by her callsign “Ripper”.
She is every solum in her job, meticulous, methodical short of damn right psychotic when it comes to extracting information out of people and things. Hence the call sign “Ripper”. Her family are the single most important thing to her and well she once put two cadets in the infirmary for picking a fight with her younger brother. She is not to be trifled with, half of Starfleet intelligence know this from dealing with her.
She gets the job done, heck to the consequences. On assignment she will shoot first ask questions later. She has no patience for those who give her ire or test her patients. She has the patience of a saint but once she looses that run like heck, you’ll wish you hadn’t.
Strengths & Weaknesses trengths:
Caring of those she loves
Merticulus at her job
Great hand to hand combatant (Specialises in Jiu-Jitsu)

Looses her temper easy
Poor Impulse Control
Shoots first askes questions later
Ambitions To Protect her Brothers
To serve the federation to the best of her abbillity
Look after Her Children and Hushand
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts
Cracking Codes
Creating New Algorithums

Personal History Bella Allanah O’Donnaghue is the eldest of her parent’s children, the most troubled to say the least. But she wasn’t always that way.From a young age Bella was fantastic at problem solving and all things physical. Even beting her little brother Craig in most sports. During school she attained the best grades she could mostly B’s and C’s, but these carried her straight into Starfleet academy where she would major in intelligence training. She was good, too good at some things physical training was doddle, Jiu-Jitsu was her style of choice and she carried it with grace. After graduation she was head hunted by Starfleet intelligence, when she showed aptitude for field work.

Her first assignment was aboard the USS Saratoga, which was patrolling the Romulan netural zone, However the ship was ambushed by a Romulan boarding party. It was during this very mission that the unravelling of Bella O’Donnaghue really started, She was tortured by romulans. After breaking out of her confinement, she turned on her captors killing them. Leaving one alive for interrogation. That interoation lasted 6 hours and resulted in Starfleet intelligence having to cover it up.

She was never the same after that, had a much darker and blunt edge to her. She was reassigned back to Starfleet intelligence head quarters on earth for a special task force that handled Klingon intelligence in the maelstrom. She was placed aboard a Starfleet intelligence ship the USS Wells that would patrol the Klingon sectors of space picking up data and intelligence a change of pace for the now Lieutenant junior grade.
She was aboard the Wells for two years then she was reassigned to Starfleet academy to help with the intelligence corps training. However she was soon reassigned after an altercation with cadets who were picking on her Brother EJ. She was placed on suspention for a month before Starfleet let her back on active duty. She was then placed back at headquarters where she would become a fast learner of processing Klingon data cores and reverse engineering them to crack the codes that would hold the intelligence.

After three years of being at Starfleet intelligence HQ, She was assigned to the USS Arlington Unbeknowst to her both her brothers were serving there also. Now the Arlington would have to prepare them selves for the “Ripper” and all the ups and downs that came with her. Usually more ups than downs, But she is still regarded as a wild card amongst most of the Starfleet brass.

Bella fell in love with natan meran during her time aboard the arlington, eventually marrying before being reassigned to a new ship.

After many years on the arlington the domonion war broke out, Reasiigned to the USS Jackdaw her brothers command. Her twin boys were born on the jack daw and craig and ej were both present for teh birth.During the dominion war she and craig were both captured and torutred yet again. Now she is being reassigned to the valiant with her husand, whilst her brother EJ who has retired from starfleet looks after her children, whilst lives on starbase new haven close to Craig and Shras.
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy (Intelligence Major)
USS Saratoga (Intelligence officer)
USS Wells (intelligence officer)
Starfleet Intelligence HQ(Intelligence officer)
Starfleet Acadamy (Intelligence Corps TA)
USS Arlington (intelligence Officer)
USS Jack Daw (Intelligence officer)
USS Valiant (CHief Intelligence officer)

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