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meeting new friends

Posted on Tue Aug 27th, 2019 @ 6:44am by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Starbase 80-Promenade
Timeline: MD001 1330 hrs

After her visit to Risa for some R&R, Lisa had received word to report top Obsidian fleet HQ, which surprised her in the slightest as normally the ship would be on Patrol, However; here she was heading towards docking bay 94 and judging by being on a planet meant the ship could land and she knew of only a handful could and only two came to mind. She though to herself oO One being the defiant class and the other the intrepid class Oo

As she continued on towards her new assignment, Lisa began to wonder what lay in store for her and her new crewmates, although she had been assigned as the ship’s Chief Security officer upon the Valiant, she hadn't been told the class of the vessel as she continued to walk through the crowded docking port she started to wonder if she had time for something to eat before she boarded the Valiant as she came up to a restaurant and came to a halt outside of it. As she entered the establishment she noticed a Starfleet officer sitting alone and though better see if she was Ok.

As she approached the table, she asked, ” Excuse me, are you alright?” as she gave the officer a smile, she knew that it would only help find out if the officer was ok and did need to talk, as she finished ” And do you mind if I sit down?” as she needed to rest for a bit after all the walking she had done.

Rianna was deep in thought, almost catatonic, when the voice spoke up next to her making her nearly fall from her chair. "What the F&@#, who in the name of bloody Sam Hill hell scared the shit out of me?", Rianna said through clenched teeth.Then looking up to see who it was. Seeing the Lieutenant she smiled, " I am truly sorry I barked. Yes I am ok, just deep in thought".

"That's ok, I'm Lieutenant Lisa Creed, I'm heading towards the Valiant as its Chief Security officer," replied Lisa holding out her hand and giving the other officer a smile.

Taking her hand, Richelle shook it. I am Lt. Jg. Richelle Sorenson Chief Engineering Officer, welcome to my little engine room", she said chuckling.

Lisa smiled as she sat down opposite the officer, " So, Richelle, Have you seen the Valliant Yet?" as she wondered if the Chief engineer had as her PADD only told her where to go but not what bay Number. as she continued," as I have only been given this?" as she showed her the PADD.

Richelle laughed slightly, " You are not the only one. It took me a while to get used to finding everything as well. She is a crafty lady with lots of places to get you lost. I am about to head for the Valiant, wanna come with me?", she asked.

"Yeah, why not, it would help with bonding as Crewmates," replied Lisa looking back at Richelle, as she gave her a wicked smile, she finished," Well girlfriend, Lets get this show on the road," as she stood up from the seat and waited for the Engineer to get up.

Getting up, Rianna grabbed her gear and left with Lisa. "So you ever served on a Defiant ship before?", Rianna asked.

"Nope, this is my first one," replied Lisa looking at the chief engineer, Shall we go," replied Lisa as she needed to get onboard and report in to the Captain and get the dreaded Physical out of the way, then her next port of call was to see what state the Security department was in, she asked," What's it like?"

Laughing, "Small cozy, tight quarters, loads of fun. Yet when the way gets rough, she gets tough and unforgiving", Rianna said.

Lisa replied," I wonder who I'm going to be bunking with?" as she gave her new friend a smile as they left the Bar, " I do hope it's you," she stated looking at Rianna, she finished, "We are going to have so much fun".

"Hm....who knows, you would have to ask OPS to assign you ascmy bunk mate", Rianna said looking at Lisa. "I don't mind sharing it with you", she added smiling.

"Well then Let get this sorted then," replied Lisa as they headed towards the ship.


Lieutenant Jg Lisa Creed
Chief Security Officer
USS Valiant

Lt. Jg. Rianna Repatha
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Valiant


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