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Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 4:12pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Ainsley Shaw & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Ship's mess
Timeline: MD001 18:00 hrs

Curtis could smell them well before he arrived at the Valiant's mess hall.

In fact, the entire ship had the scent of freshly baked something wafting through it's corridors.

Stepping into one of the few large compartments on the Valiant, Curtis saw pans covered with tea cloths on the counter near the mess hall's small kitchenette and as he walked up to it, a blonde woman carrying two more trays came out. When she caught site of him, a big smile bloomed and she said "Why hello Commander Thibideaux! I see my bait has lured you in!"

Grinning, he said, "Hey Ainsley. They do smell great? Any chance they're ready or do I have to go suffer someplace obvious until you take pity on me?"

Ainsley laughed as she sat the trays on the counter's lower riser, took off the oven mitts, then found and handed him a plate. "Only four, if you don't mind Commander..."

"Ms. Shaw, please call me Curtis. You certainly don't need to use my rank," he told her.

"Well then, Curtis, only four. I'll make more in a few days but I'm rationing them," she smiled.

Curtis gathered four of the cookies, picking two chocolate chip and two oatmeal, then an ice cold mug of milk and looked around. Noting the Valiant's security officer he walked over and sat at the table with her, smiling.

"Afternoon, Ms Creed. Have you tried the cookies yet?," he asked.

"Cookies, what Cookies?" asked Lisa looking up from her PADD that she had been reading as she had been looking at the service records of her officers whilst deciding who was going to go in what team, " she looked up and noticed a Commander sitting across from her, she said "Lieutenant Lisa Creed, Chief Security officer"

"I'm Commander Thibideuax, your XO Ms. Creed," Curtis said, settling into his seat and picking up an oatmeal cookie and waving it toward her. "And I'm a trifle concerned that the Valiant's security chief's powers of observation weren't keen enough to have the delightful smell of fresh baked cookies pierce her concentration. Good thing pirates weren't attacking."

"Nice to meet you Commander," replied Lisa as she looked up at the Commander, as she continued," as for looking out for Cookies, I am having to sort out the lazy bunch of officer that I have for a security department," as she had not been very happy with how they had just let her and Chief engineer onto the ship.

Curtis took a bite of his cookie, taking note of the Security Chief's face and tone and asked, "Ahh. Trouble in paradise already?" He then smiled as Ainsley brought him a glass of cold replicated milk and he thanked her for it.

"Sir, would you be conserned at someone could of got aboard this ship without being checked in properly?" as she looked back at the XO, "For all they knew I could have been sent here to damage this ship," as she leaned back into her chair

Curtis took a bite and chewed thoughtfully as he regarded Valiant's security chief. Finally he swallowed and said, "Of course, Lieutenant. There are always concerns. Just like there are generally always things that can improve. Consider this, you're a Department Head of a star that's just stood up from ordinary and put into commission after nearly a year sitting there gathering dust."

He took a drink of the milk and gave it a dubious look before meeting her gaze once more. "It's part of the shake down. So far, Val hasn't had too many holes, but it's how they're addressed and whether they're enough in the future that counts. Don't be too hard on your people right now. Lay down the law and implement what you think necessary. Then brief the Captain and I at the department head meetings."

He smiled at her, "I'm not dismissing your concerns Lisa, but as my old man says, 'Firm but fair, no need to be a tyro out of the gate with a new ship and crew.'

"Fair enough Commander," replied Lisa as she knew that she would have words with her department on the next traing schedule.

"Enjoy the cookies," Curtis recommended. "Everything will shake itself out. Or there will be a major mess and we'll all die," he winked. "Either way, we've had cookies."

"Thank you Sir," replied Lisa as she took hold of one of the cookies whilst she continued to go over her reports and make up a schedule to have a word with her section heads at their fist meeting.

A joint post by

Lieutenant Lisa Creed
Chief Security
USS Valiant

Commander Curtis Thibideaux
Executive Officer
USS Valiant


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