Pralude to party

Posted on Wed Mar 10th, 2021 @ 8:45pm by Commander Natan O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed

Mission: Aftermath and Downtime
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD001

Lisa had been in her office doing her reports and still trying to come to terms with her new uniform, a grey undershirt with a yellow Jacket and a black skirt with thigh high boots, to her this made her look like a old earth Hooker, with her sidearm strapped to her waist, when she spotted a Party invite with mandatory dress uniform for all senior Staff, she thought to herself oO Oh shit, I hate dress uniform events, Oo when she also noticed that an ambassador was going to be in attendance she said to herself "Oh shit," she tapped her combadge =/\= Creed to O'Donnaghue, I need to speak with you regarding this party and the Ambassador,=/\=

Natan was in his office reading a padd when he got a call from his chief of Security. He tapped his badge =/\= "Lieutenant, I can come to talk to you about the party, but for information on the Ambassador you will have to wait till the briefing, I am not going to talk about it twice in a day, I am not really up for that. So if you can agree to those terms, you can come to my office."=/\=

=/\=Yes Sir, I agree,=/\- replied Lisa as she looked back at her terminal, she continued, =/\= Also I think I might have been pranked Sir,=/\= as she knew that this hadn't been mentioned in the last chat about any changes to the uniforms, still the boots were comfortable to walk in, except the skirt didn't go with what she liked. as she rose from her seat and walked over to her replication unit to order a cold Beverage.

=/\= "I would love to hear all about it in my office, not over the com!" =/\= Said Natan stern as he continued reading his PADD.

=/\= I am on my way Sir, Creed out=/\= replied Lisa as she knew that having a regular chat with her Captain might help her get a grip on whatever was going on with the uniforms or was this the new ones that were being talked about the last time she spoke to Paula.

Natan was still very focused on his PADD. He knew Lisa was at the door, before she could reach for the chime. "Please come in, Lieutenant." The doors swish open and the young lady walked into his ready room. He then looked up to his tactical officer. He sized her up and inspected her uniform. "Lieutenant, why is my security chief wearing a skirt? I can hardly think you are going to catch a culprit in that. Or are you planning on sending your men to do it for you?" He chuckled. He read her file and frankly didn't see her do that. He got up. "Please, lieutenant, have a seat, can I get you some refreshments?"

"A coke please Sir, Replied Lisa as she took the seat opposite the Captain, she continued, "And as for the skirt Sir, this is what was issued to me from my replicator," as she was not impressed to say the least, She finished," Could you find out if this is now standard issue for all female officers?" as she was not only asking for herself but for every female officer on this ship.

Natan started laughing and then said, "Lieutenant, this is a standard female dress uniform." He got up to get her coke and handed it to her. He then sat down behind his desk and turned on his desk screen and called up the images of the starfleet uniform catalogue. "There we go. This is the standard starfleet security duty uniform."

"Sir, without being rude, but this makes me look like a 21st Century Hooker," as she now knew that she had to wear the dam skirt, this didn't please her one bit as she took a sip of her Coke, she asked, "Is there any chance I can have the trousers back or do I have to keep the Skirt?" as she started to hope that this was only a short term thing.

"I think the skirt looks good on you, just wear it for the Ambassador's party. There is a party for the Ambassador on the base, there is an Ambassador getting on board. We will be meeting him at the party," Natan explained and then continue on, "for your duties, I would suggest you were the pants. Cause, I am not exactly a security officer, but I wouldn't think this to be practical."

"So the skirt is to be for formal wear then Sir?" asked Lisa as she wanted Clarification on the status of this part of her uniform, as she was now pleased that her day uniform didn't have the Skirt, as she continued, "and do I have permission to go change into the pants?" as she desperately wanted to get out of this skirt.

"Yes the skirt is for formal wear. We will have sort of get to know you party not long for now, but you can change the skirt after the party," Natan assured her.

"Thank you sir, " replied Lisa as now she had to bear it for the party and after that she could get back into the pants that she enjoyed wearing, as she knew this could be a hindrance in a fight and also for her holder would have to be strapped in a different place to what she was used to, she said," I will be having some of the security staff mingling with the partygoers incase of any trouble.

"I don't think that is necessary," Natan said. "The party is on the starbase. I don't think base security will be very happy if you interfere with their business. As I am sure you would be as well if base security interfered with your business."

"Ma'am, it is in the best interests that we have our own people mingle without the base knowing incase someone tries anything ," replied Lisa looking back at Natan, she continued," and we can react in time," as she did not want anything to go wrong. she concluded," it is better to be safe than sorry," as she was looking at all possibilities and hoped that nothing would happen, but at these types of things anything could happen.

Natan leaned back and said, "I appreciate your concern, miss Creed, but it sounds to me you don't trust base security." He sighed. "Very well, I will notify the chief security of the base, just make sure they don't get in the way of base security."

"I won't," replied Lisa as she knew that lives depended on her plans.




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