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Murder mystery briefing

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 8:28pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, Daughter of Kretorg & Lieutenant JG Lisa Creed & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Lieutenant JG T'Pel

Mission: Diplomacy by any means necessary.
Location: Situation room
Timeline: MD005 1300 hrs

The situation room isn't a big room. It only has a table with chairs around it. A display screen and a replicator that's it. This where the Valiant senior staff would have meetings and briefings. Natan walked in to the room with a bowl of apples for the crew. Freshly plucked from the O'Donnaghue apple orchard. He placed it in the middle of the table so everyone could reach it.

He then proceeded to the replicator and replicated a water pitcher and glasses. He then placed them on the table too before tapping his communicator. "All senior staff, please report to the situation room. Lieutenant T'Pel and Ensign Gan'Agar, please join us." He then took a seat at the head of the table, waiting for his crew to come in.

Having heard the Captain's call, Lisa responded tapping her combadge =/\= On my way Sir,=/\= as she was still getting to grips with the Security shenanigan's that she had recently came across including some of the Lieutenants making life difficult for the non coms aboard the Valliant, and she was going to start being tough with those in the department. as she nodded to a Junior officer to take watch at the Security station, she headed towards the briefing room wondering what Mission that had been assigned this time as she still had the ongoing investigation into what Lieutenant Day Smith had been involved in.

upon entering the Situation lounge, Lisa said, "Captain, Chief security here as ordered," as she walked over towards the huge table and slid out one of the chairs and sat down and waited for her fellow senior officers to arrive, she knew that this was going to be something big to have them ready the ship this quick. she also knew that she would find out shortly.

"Realign the EPS conduits here, here and here," T'Pel instructed the Crewman, "Have Structural Maintenance reinforce bulkheads with a polaron field while repairs are being complete," she told him.

"Aye aye, sir," the Crewman responded.

"One aye will suffice, Crewman. We are not pirates," she corrected him. When the Comm came across her badge she raised an eyebrow and tapped her COMM badge, "Understood, sir," she replied and excused herself. The walk was not far and she entered the situation room in a timely manner, "Lieutenant T'Pel reports, sir," she said announcing her arrival.

Tavana fastened her hair in a pony tail and pulled her uniform straight. Impulsively she pulled the rubber out and left her hair loose. It was freshly washed after her work out and she had it trimmed the day before. When the call to the meeting came, Tavana responded with an 'acknowledged' and padd in the hand made her way to the situation room. She was not particularly looking forward to go straight back to her office, so she welcomed the change of plans. She stepped into the situation room and smiled. "Captain, " she greeted him, and also greeted the rest of the people that were there, and sank into her seat.

Rihanna walked into the situation room ready for action. She wanted to know why they were hurried into getting the Valiant ready so fast. Something was up and it was important. "Captain", and sat down.

Daynah heard the call from the captain, she had been expecting it. She made her way with all haste to the Situation Room. As she walked in she greeted all who were assembled with a curt nod and took her seat.

Curtis, face looking drawn and sleep deprived, paused before entering Valliant's situation room, paused to check the space before entering, half amusing himself by checking to make sure they'd removed the room's label from Broom Closet to Situation room and idly wondering where they were going to keep the brooms now, before entering and sliding his way along the wall to claim his seat at the opposite end of the table from the Captain, snagging an apple as he went.

Natan took a seat at the table. "First off, sorry for turning the broom closet in to a situation room, I needed a place to converse on a short notice without certain non personnel looking over our shoulder." He meant the diplomats, and with the holographic projectors in a small room this was easily done. "Please have a seat, help yourself through some drinks and apples. We're just waiting for the doctor and Ensign Gan'Agar. But I would like to get this started as soon as possible as we are pressed for time.

"As you all are aware we have a murder on our hands," Natan continued on speaking as everyone took their seat. "Ensign Gan'Agar has been doing the crime scene investigation, so Lieutenant Creed if possible I would like his findings on the crime scene. Work with Lieutenant T'Pel. Lieutenant T'Pel you will be temporarily in charge of operations pending the investigation."

"For anyone who may not know, here is a brief summary of the situation," Natan leaned his head on his hands. "This morning the body of the Ambassador was found in his Shuttle craft he uses for his quarters and next to him was Lieutenant Smith. No at this moment I am not thinking she is the murderer, but we have to solve this before we reach the Valdivaens. Or they will take jurisdiction and we can't protect our fellow crew mate." He took a deep breath. "Lieutenant Kolan, would you be so kind and take care of the diplomatic envoy the Ambassador was travelling with? I rather like the professionals handle this and not some backseat drivers."

"Aye Sir," Tavana said, quite shocked, but keeping her composure. Her thoughts briefly went back to the last time she saw him when they had a meal together.

"I will suspend indefinitely all usage of the shuttle bay, Captain until said investigation is completed. If engineering can isolate the shuttle bay from all other primary systems, it will allow their crews and the operations staff to minimalize intrusion." T'Pel folded her arms behind her back, "Given the delicate situation, I would ask that only Lt. Creed and myself are given full access to the shuttle bay to lessen contamination of the crime scene. Access can be limited to us and other senior staff, but I would suggest no larger."

Daynah decided to keep her thoughts for the moment to herself. She was of the school that the most likely answer was usually the correct one. In this case that would mean that Lieutenant Smith killed the Ambassador. The question as Daynah saw it was why. What motive did the Lieutenant have. She decided that she would run her own side investigation and let everyone know of her findings. If it yielded no answers it would serve to exonerate Lieutenant Smith.

"Captain, I would have to agree with Lieutenant T'Pel on this matter of the Shuttle bay," replied Lisa looking over at the Temporary Ops chief, she continued "But I would suggest that I be the one to have final say on who Enters the bay at this time," as she wanted to minimize the crime scene. although the Captain could overrule heron the matter. as she waited for the Captain to respond.

"Captain, where is the Ambassador's envoy now?" Tavana asked, as she forced herself back to the present moment.

Natan was silent a bit and then said resolute, "I am in charge of this investigation, Lieutenant Creed, Lieutenant T'Pel, aside from myself, Commander Thibideaux and Commander Ral, you two are the only ones that are allowed in the shuttlebay, unless I say otherwise. Is that understood?"

T'Pel gave a nod of her head in understanding. She found the briefing in itself telling of how emotional species reacted to such events. She and other Vulcans would turn to logic in such circumstances. She still had much to learn about other species.

Turning to Tavana, Natan said, "The Ambassador's envoy are currently in their assigned quarters as all non essential personnel, civilians and diplomats have to remain in quarters for now."

"I will let them know," Tavana said.

"Um....maybe I should go look at the shuttle in question. Maybe look to see if I find anything, say out of the ordinary?", Rianna said.

"Negative," Natan said to Rianne, "The shuttle will be under ops and security. I want you to assist Commander Ral in the lab when needed analyzing data. I think too many people were already in that shuttlebay. I also want you to run diagnostics on the ship and make sure every thing is safe on board. I suspect there could be more going on then just the murder of an ambassador. Also caution is always good with this. This is a very important mission."

"Understood captain," Rianna said. Turning to Cmdr. Ral, "How can I assist you,?" she inquired.

Curtis watched as the briefing went on, taking notes and as they wrapped up, the XO decided he didn't have to add to anything just yet.

So far, they didn't know enough.


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