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Resistance is Frustrating

Posted on Fri Jul 2nd, 2021 @ 9:23pm by Commander Natan O'Donnaghue

Mission: Diplomacy by any means necessary.
Location: Holodeck
Timeline: Pre-mission


The normal lighting switched to the eerie crimson hue of a full emergency as, throughout the docking bay, the alarm klaxon sounded echoing from the walls. Schen crouched down, levelling the phaser in his hand his eyes darting to the shadows. He checked the controls, switching it to rotating phase array.

=^= “Incoming boarders… Security full alert all decks” =^= the alert came over comms from the ships AI.

“What now?” Ensign T’mok [NPC] growled impatiently, Schen watched as the Klingon’s broad shoulders tensed. Though, by her facial expression, he suspected the young Ensign was bored rather than tense and ready for combat.

Suddenly three Borg drones shimmered into existence, their outstretched mechanical appendages clicking like some outsized insects mandibles.

“Resistance is…” was all one managed as Schen dropped the Drone with a single shot from his phaser. Though with a sigh the Jem’hadar tapped his comms badge rather than keep firing.

“Computer end program” Schen muttered and stood from his crouched position, having taken cover behind an octagonal storage unit. As quickly as they had appeared the Borg, the storage unit and the docking bay in it's entirity all faded into non-existence leaving the dull panelled background and deck plating of the holodeck.

“Qu’vath… damned Borg again!” T’mok snarled. “Why is every training program obsessed with the Borg” the female Klingon raged slamming a hand against the bulkhead. “If I hear ‘resistance is futile’ once more I’ll scream”

“Standard ship boarding protocol training program IV” Schen explained. “You know as well as I do that it’s all recommended as part of the ongoing tiered training schedule for all Security Personnel”

“And you’re not one for missing out on the schedule are you” T’mok said flatly as she walked towards the door. “At least you could program the Borg to dance or something… You know, break it up a bit” she added over her shoulder with a gruff laugh.

Schen shook his head, checked the time and saw that his Briefing with the CO was due in an hour.

=^= “Ensign Schen Gan’agar to Commander O’Donnaghue, transfer briefing due at 15:00 ship time. Where would you like to meet?” =^= Schen tapped his comms badge as he left the holodeck.

Natan was currently in his office on the ship. He just had a meeting with the Security chief. That was a strange one. when his combadge went off. =^= "This Commander O'Donnaghue. I am currently on the Valiant in my office. We could meet up in the lounge of the Valiant if you like." =^=

=^= "Will do , see you there sir" = Schen tapped his comms and walked out of the holodeck...

~Some time later, Lounge, USS Valiant ~

Schen tried to relax, shrugging his broad shoulders which were a tight fit in the standard Starfleet uniform. Already he'd had a few strange, sideways looks as it was uncommon for a Gem'hadar to be walking around on a Starbase - never mind one in uniform. Perhaps he's never get used to the looks and glances.
Another thing Schen would have to get used to was the small and confined room available aboard the USS Valiant - an upgraded Defiant Class vessel. Somewhat different to the endless corridors and cavernous ships bays on his last posting on DS8.

He turned as the doors to the Lounge swished open and he caught a glimpse of whom he surmised was his new CO, Commander O'Donnaghue.

Natan walked in to the lounge and then noticed his new crew member. He stepped towards and stopped near to him. He walked to the kitchen Island in the middle of the room and took an apple from the bowl. And then offered another to Schen. "Do you eat apples, ensign?" Natan tried to be open minded, having to be in the Dominion war himself, and lost friends and colleagues to the war.

"Thank you, sir" Schen replied taking the proferred apple and bounced it in his hand for a moment, looking over at his new CO. "Good to be on the Valiant... Though seems a bit confined following my last posting on DS8". The young Jem'hadar then sighed as he sat on the edge of a table. "What do you need to know?" he asked directly as small talk was something outside his comfort zone.

Natan took another apple and put himself down at the nearest table. "I am sure a lot of it is in your file, I can consider this your official 'reporting for duty'." He smiled as he took a bite from his apple. It took all the strength he had not to read the Jem'hadar's mind. But he could tell the man was uncomfortable. "So I will leave it to you. There is the door, you can go to get ready for your duty. Or you sit down here and just eat your apple and have a drink. Just I can't guarantee I won't be talking."

"If those are my options, sir, then I will take my leave to get ready for my duty. Somehow that feels more natural to me." Shen said as he held up the apple and asked, "Can I take this?"

Natan smiled and just nodded to the door. "Of course, welcome on board, Ensign." He took a bite from his apple as he watched the young Jem'Hadar walk out of the holodeck lounge. He smirked a little.



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