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All the News that's Fit to Print

Posted on Sun Jul 21st, 2019 @ 8:36pm by Amalen Foieg & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Visiting Officer's Quarters - OFHQ
Timeline: NB +4

Amalen straightened his tunic as he paused before the door to the temporary quarters of the USS Valiant’s new Captain. He ordered his mind, despite his nervousness, chastising himself. He’d been a reporter for a few years now, you wouldn’t think that he’d still get nervous.

But this time he justified it. He had wrangled a spot on the Defiant Class, USS Valiant while she took her shake down cruise and hopefully there would be enough news-worthy stories related to the crew and where they went to keep his editor happy.

Finally, straightening his tunic one last time, Amalen touched the annunciator and stated, “Amalen Foieg to see Commander Natan O'Donnaghue. I have an appointment.”

Natan had been straightening his quarters. After his rendez vous with Bella, there was a bit of a mess. When he heard the chime he quickly got his uniform back in order and stuffed the last of the stuff in the bedroom and closed. "Yes, you can come in now." As the journalist walked in to the room he said, "Sorry for the delay, there was this thing...would you like something to drink?" He quickly asked.

Amalen smiled at Natan as he looked around and said, "Orange juice would be perfect, thank you Commander." He found a chair as the Commander moved about the room and said, "It seems you have settled into the temporary quarters here well enough. What do you think of the Valiant's living space? I imagine it will be quite a change after most ships you've served aboard."

Natan put the juice infront of Amalen. "That is true, she isn't really that big. But I am happy to have the misses at my side. Nothing else matters. And I am sure when we dock somewhere, we will indulge ourselves with the luxury of a bigger quarters." He smiled as she sat down with a tonic in his hand.

"My editor likened it to going to camp when he told me I'd been approved to join," Amalen told him with a smile, "I have to admit I'm a bit more nervous than I can remember having been for a voyage. I know you're destined to Star Base 80. Any idea of where the ship will go after that? Any missions or the like that Star Fleet has told you about?" Then he added with a grin, "That you can share, of course?"

"Well, I haven't been fully briefed on all the missions. But since I am commanding her, I would also like to taker her on a little exploring missions. See what is out there," Natan replied. "So you will be joining us for the trip? Anything you are hoping to see on the trip then?"He asked back. He knew this wasn't his interview, but he wasn't aware a journalist would be tagging along, so he was curious. This took almost everything not to read his mind. He sensed something off, but that could be because he was a journalist.

"I'm hoping to see everything, Captain" Amalen said brightly. "How the crew of a ship fresh out of, how did you executive officer put it, Ordinary? Valiant is a small ship and I assume there will be a dynamic that forges among the crew much faster than those on larger ships. At least that's my working theory," the journalist smiled. Then his face crinkled in amusement, "And I'm also interested, as a member of a Telepathically gifted race, how another such being will function in the afore mentioned environment."

"Ah," Natan was a bit taken back by that answer. "Oh, right...ok...please continue with your questions." He just said as he had no idea how to continue after that.

"Well then," Amalen said, transitioning smoothly, "Tell me Commander, is the Valiant the first command you were offered? Or did the idea of Captaining the Valiant call to you especially?"

"I was offered several command. And I guess my brother in law couldn't wait and just put me forward to the Valiant," Natan said. "I was actually fine where I was. And it may take some adjustment, but I am sure I get through it. I have been through a lot, I am sure I can handle this small command."

Making a few notes on his PADD, Amalen next asked "And to running your ship. Have you been able to meet the majority of your officers and crew? What is your estimations of them?"

"I met my command team," Natan said, "And of course my wife is joining." He smiled. "I still have to go over the crew list, but I am sure I will have seen most of them before we leave."

Smiling warmly then, Amalen "How nice. And your wife will be serving aboard or...?"

Natan was tapping his fingers on the table as he looked at the journalist. He then leaned forward. "Lt. Commander O'Donnaghue is the best Chief Intelligence officer I could have. We work well together."

"I have no doubt that you will, Captain,"Amalen said disarmingly,"I just wasn't aware the Lt. Commander had been reassigned to the Valiant. You served together previously on the USS Jackdaw, yes? That must be comforting, having an officer with her history and your level of, please don't take this the wrong way, intimacy in working together. But then that's not new to you...both of you is it? I believe you were related, through marriage, to personnel on the Jackdaw?"

"Yes," Natan said, "My brother in law is the captian of the Jackdaw. "What has that to do with the Valiant?" He bounced back at the journalist.

"Why Captain, I am just clarifying information and seeking to define your command based in a large part on who you are. And who you are is where you've come from, the experiences you've had and the officers whom you have served with. You are the Valiant, as far as a majority of people are concerned and my people, will be particularly interested in your story."

Amalen checked his chrono and smiled, "I think I have taken up as much time as I should. We'll have plenty of opportunity to discuss the Valiant as we travel, unless you have a question for me, of course."

Natan opened his mouth and then said while breathing out, "No, I think I am fine for now." He then got up and walked with Amalen to the door. "Thank you for coming." Secretly he was glad it was over.

Amalen walked from the meeting, thinking of the article he could write. It might get him in some trouble, but his editors would love it. And their readers. "Well, it's what you signed up for," he told himself as he headed for his own quarters to write the article.


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