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Moving Along

Posted on Mon Aug 9th, 2021 @ 5:05pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux

Mission: Aftermath and Downtime
Location: USS Valiant, Docked Deep Space 9

Curtis lounged in Valiant’s Command chair, one leg hooked over the arm, and randomly flipped through holographic messages, advertisements and other mail. Glancing at the Chronomitor on the wall, he noted it was 04:15, only about ten minutes later than the last time he’d looked.

Bridge night watch was almost always quiet. Especially when Val was in port.

They’d arrived in the Bajoran system and docked the ship two hours ago. Station Ops had thrown a fit about the Lemur’s being aboard, but they’d gotten past that hurdle by putting quarantine protocols in place.

Now a bulk of the crew was still aboard, asleep as was the station. Curtis had started adjusting the watch rotations as soon as they left Valdivae, to match the time rotation of the station so that they’d since on arrival.

He was still tired from it all. And brain weary from the trial and political wrangling. And still a bit discombobulated from moving in with Rianna. He’d gotten used to bunking with Daynah, after a fashion and he knew it would take a while to do so with the Engineer.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he brought up his XO’s to do list. It was a perpetual thing: never really getting finished as there was always something to make sure was getting done.

They had a few big-ticket items to do when the station started their day-watch. First and foremost, transporting Smith and Shen over to security. Curtis hated how it had all washed out and the cloud it had hung over their heads. No good answers as to why Smith or Shen had done what they’d done had been discovered. Just that they were guilty.

Orders from Fleet indicated both would be whisked away after a few hours for transport to Starbase 1. They’d also received orders transferring some of the crew off. Curtis wasn’t surprised. Some crew didn’t like the shadow cast upon them by the Ambassador’s death and Smith’s trial. Others were In-Grade promotion and standard duty station transfers.

But with no immediate replacements, Val was going to be feeling emptier than normal. An idea was brewing in the back of his head and he made a face. He and Rianna still hadn’t officially announced ther attentions to the crew. Perhaps some sort of party was in order…


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