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Mission: Diplomacy by any means necessary.
Location: Captain's Ready Room, USS Valiant
Timeline: Enroute to DS9

Valiant’s XO slouched purposely against the bulkhead in the Captain’s ready room as he verbalized his thoughts, “Well, with everything we’ve been going through, at least this next bit is well deserved. It’s a nice change to end the day on an upbeat.”

The lemur sitting on the Captain’s desk chittered at him, it’s head turning and Curtis eyed the creature dubiously. “You don’t think so?”

Nayuu stood on his hint legs and hit on his chest and then looked at Natan. He tilted his head as he slouched back down.

Natan got up with sigh. He was tired. He hated to see crew go. He already hated it when he wasn't a commanding officer. But that didn't change the fact that Lieutenant T'Pel deserved this promotion. She stepped up when it was needed, so it was only logical to make it official and permanent. He smiled, "You are right, Curt. I just...I still need to wrap my head around all of what had just happened. Somewhere I wished my sister Chelsea was here, I could talk all this off, or my wife. Just to clear my head." He shrugged it off. "I guess I will be paying Ensign Bejel a visit later then. Not sure when."

He put a smile on his face. "Let's do this then." He petted Nayuu. The two have become very close. Inseparable almost. Nayuu purred pleased at the touch of his new friend.

"I think a lot of people will be paying the Ensign a visit, sir," Curtis agreed. "We're supposed to lead by example sometimes. I'll make sure the department heads are staying on top of it. As to Smith, I don't know what to say. That'll just take time to process. Once we deposit her on DS9, we'll be able to get on with things."

Then Curtis tapped his comm badge and said, "Lieutenant T'Pel, please report to the Captain's ready room."

T'Pel tapped her comm badge, "On my way," she stated and left her station on the bridge and entered the ready room. Her first sight was of the lemur and she made an uncomfortable roll of her shoulders, "Lieutenant T'Pel reports as ordered, Captain," she said to him placing her hands behind her back.

Nayuu looked confused at T'Pel and tilted it's head. It made chittering sounds, but it wasn't out loud. Somehow he realized this creature was also telepathic like his friend Natan. But different. He sat up straight.

Natan looked to T'Pel and said, "Ah, Lieutenant, welcome. Please have a seat." He gently petted Nayuu and the Lemur laid back down. "Can we get you some refreshments?" He wanted to make her feel as comfortable as possible, but he understood the Lemurs made a lost of rustling around the crew when it was known they were telepathic creatures. He was there was a way he could assure everyone that they mean no harm. But that wasn't why they were here now.

"I do not eat or drink between meals, Captain," she told him as she took a seat in the offered chair as she still sat as properly as she stood. Her time in space had dulled her tan from the suns of Vulcan, yet her skin tone was still slightly olive as she looked between the Captain and the XO...and ignored the creature.

"Of course," Natan looked at the Vulcan. He stopped "It's just a little curtsy, nothing more. And thank you for joining us here. We invited you here, because we would like to discuss some things with you of importance. As you know Lieutenant Smith has left us. I don't need to give you the details. But it does leave us with an open path." Natan got. "With you stepping up in her absence during the hearing and the investigations, Commander Thibideaux and I feel there is no one better for the position. I would like to make the promotion permanent. And also..." He turned to Curtis signaling to get the pip. "You appear to be out of uniform." It probably didn't mean much as it would to the other officers, it's probably to emotional for her. "I would also like to promote you to the rank of full Lieutenant."

A smile played out over Curtis's face as he watched Natan and T'Pel. Things always seemed awkward around Vulcans. "Congratulations, Lieutenant. You've earned it."

T'Pel raised an eyebrow at being told she was out of uniform, as she was never out of uniform when on duty. At the mention of the situation with Day and her performance in the Acting role she gave a nod of her head, "I believe both decisions are the most logical course of action, Captain. You have my gratitude."

She took the pip from Curtis and gave him a nod as well, "I would agree with your assessment, Commander... that I *earned* it." She said as she replaced the dark pip with the gold one, "Your orders for the Operations department, Captain?"

Natan looked at another padd on his desk. "Lieutenant, I have read the last reports on how you ran the department in the absence of a head. I am impressed. I do not wish to make any changes to the order you have created. Please continue as you have." Natan smiled and nodded. "But perhaps you have any requests before we make dock at DS9, I will see what I can do about those."

"Thank you, Captain," she replied, "Self-sealing stem bolts. Our inventory is running low and while requisitioning through Starfleet Supply is the course of action, DS9 is known for alternative sources. I do have connections through Vulcan High Command that uses the station as a supply depot that I can provide and you can lend wait with your position. I have been retired from the Vulcan Fleet that my reserve status is not recognized as active."

Natan nodded and said, "I will have the request send to ds9. Anything else?" He also looked to Curtis? "You have anything for our Lieutenant?"

A grin feathered over his lips as he shook his head, "No sir. And I add that to the list of stores at DS9." Turning to T'Pel, he said, "Congratulations again, Lieutenant."

"Well then, if there is nothing else, you can return to your normal activities, Natan said, "You're dismissed.

T'Pel rose from her chair and gave a nod both to the Captain and XO. She exited the ready room and returned to the Ops station. For whatever reason, her mind lingered toward family. She would need to inform them of the news once at DS9. Perhaps that would be sufficient to put her mind at ease about them.





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