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Greeting the day

Posted on Sun Feb 20th, 2022 @ 12:07am by Commander Rupert Tyree

Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Second Shrine of the Rings, Betazoid
Timeline: MD001 08:06 Local Time

Sitting cross-legged in the meditation gardens of the Second Shrine of Rings, Rhupert Tyree felt the sun rise. His eyes were closed, but he could feel the sun warming his skin as it climbed above the Eavian mountain range. His eyelids detected it first. The skin was thinnest there and alerted him to the fact that the day was greeting him whether he wanted it to or not.

Once the sun’s warmth reached his bare feet, he opened his eyes and pushed himself to his feet. As he did so, he gathered his nA’kai and turned to face the pearly white contemplation wall. It was a stone slab about six feet high by five feet wide and he took two steps back, prudently wiping his palms dry on his pants before he extended the rod in front of him and touched an indentation in the handle. After scanning his thump print, the staff snapped open to approximately 173 centimeters and he began working forms, spinning the staff through a variety of movements as he watched his shadow ebb and flow over the contemplation wall.

His brown eyes tracked the movements, moving slowly as he began adding more kicks and punches in with the feigned stakes of the staff. The nA’kai was an old weapon: this one had belonged to his father and was thought to be 200 years old. It had been modified of course…a weapon is only useful if it keeps up with the threat.

Sadly, his father had decided not to fight but to go along with the Dominion captors. Ever the diplomat, he’d hoped they could find a peaceful solution to the depredations the Dominion brought to their planet.

They hadn’t.

And Rhu’s father and mother had both paid the price for thinking anyone could be reasoned with.

Catching his breath, he forced himself to slow down. As he thought about the Dominion and what they’d done to his home planet, his body had picked up the pace and he had to slow down. Control his actions and just work the way through the forms until, thirty minutes later he wound down and stopped, breathing evenly with the staff butt planted on the ground as he looked at his shadow.

“You’re dedicated,” Strateegeos, a familiar female voice sounded in his mind. “After spending a day in the cockpit of a Bubble Fighter all day yesterday. And then I kept you up most of the night.”

Turning his head to the blonde woman, still naked from the bed they had shared for a few short hours last night. “I won’t have many more mornings on Betazoid,” he responded in his mind. “I’ll want to take every sun-rise I can with me.”

“You’ve heard something,” Kalia asked as she stood near the contemplation wall, arms folded beneath her breasts as she looked at him with her hazel eyes.

“Nothing official,” he replied as he stooped to pick up a soft rag and began wiping down the staff. “But, I was notified a certain Chef I know hit the station yesterday afternoon. I imagine she’ll invite me to a meal and then I’ll get the official word.” He thought to the blonde as he finished cleaning the weapon and tucked the cloth away.

“I’ll miss you,” she thought to him simply and he could sense the emotion floating in her thoughts. “And I you. Which is interesting, Sub-Strageegeos.”

“Interesting,” she queried. “Because since Amanda…”

“Yes,” his thoughts cut her off. “Thank you for that but I’ll need to give it some time to know where my mind will take it. She’d approve but..”

“But your own sense of loyalty won’t cut you a break,” she scoffed. “Regardless of where you end up, you should talk to a counselor.”

Glancing at her, he shrugged. Whether in agreement or a negative maybe, she couldn’t tell and sh let it go at that. She’d said her piece.

“A lovely weapon,” she commented again, then changed the subject for him. “Taking it with you?”

“I always do,” he replied, speaking now. “It reminds me of many things.” With a snap of his wrist as he activated the weapon’s switch, it snapped closed and he slid it into a pocket of his pants.

“Well then, if you’re done Rhu, lets go shower and hit the hot springs. You still have until the afternoon off, yes?” She asked, a spark lighting her eyes as she moved toward him and kissed him gently.

“I’ve met the day,” he smiled at her. “I’d enjoy taking more than just the memories of the sun. The smell of the wind and the feel of the breeze with me, Kalia. I’ll argue with my demons when they return.”


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