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"Asking the Commander to Preside"

Posted on Mon May 9th, 2022 @ 9:39pm by Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue

Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Redy Room
Timeline: Last week


Rianna was going to ask Cmdr. Tyree to preside over their wedding but decided to ask Cmdr. O'Donnahgue to do it instead. Grabbing Curtis by the hand, she quite literally dragged him to the Commanders ready room. "Out of breath my love?" she asked Curtis.

"Just feeling, literally, pulled in many directions," Curtis half joked. "I still think we should have figured this out before hand...or better yet, ran away?"

"Not a chance my beloved. Not a chance, I would rather it be done by Natan than anyone else," Rianna said kissing Curtis on the cheek.
"Me too, though to be honest we could have just run off and been pirates someplace," Curtis grinned.

Hitting the door chime she waited for permission to enter.

Natan was sitting behind his desk doing the last of his paperwork. The room was no longer his and all his personal items he had already boxed ready to be shipped over to his new assignment. He picked up a padd on his desk when the door chimed. He looked up and called, "Enter!"

The door hissed open at Natan's words and Curtis ushered Rianna ahead of him as the couple entered and he looked around. "Thanks for seeing us, sir. We'd like to ask you a favor," he said simply, glancing at his intended.

"Yes Commander, and it's a big favor, and we are hoping you will say yes. We want you to preside over our marriage," Rianna said giggling. She could tell Curtis was excited.

A large smile on his face, Curtis enthused. "It only seem right that you be the one that performs the ceremony, Captain."

"Ok calm down, you kids are all excited," Natan said laughing. "Presiding over your wedding. I mean, I never...of course. It would be my honor. Heck it may even be my last act as captain of the valiant." He looked at them smiling. He could feel a tear burn behind his eyes but he held it in. So many memories on this ship.

Rianna kissed Natan on the cheek, making him blush as she broke it quickly. "I am so happy captain, I can't begin to tell you," she said tugging Curtis's arm unconsciously. She was bubling with joy and excitement.

"Thank you, Captain," Curtis smiled. "And with that settled, I think we have everything set." Glancing at his intended, he asked. "We Do have everything settled, right?"

"Yes sir and thankyou, "Rianna said dragging Curtis with her out the door.



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