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Vinderous III

Posted on Tue Jun 13th, 2023 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant Amy Gordon

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Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Penal Colony
Timeline: TBD

The sun was high overhead, the heat of it beating down upon the planet below. The air was thick with moisture as the humidity rose a prelude of a storm that was fast approaching. A dark haired woman tilted her head upwards in order to seek a glance at the sky above the banana trees and coconut palms, from beneath her wide brimmed hat. Tilting her hat a bit more, the hat fell backwards, being caught by the strap that held it around her neck. She wiped her forehead with a red kerchief, then unhooked the small canteen she had upon a belt about her waist. The water was already starting to warm up, but it was wet and she was getting parched. Her true name was Amy Gordon, a lieutenant of Star Fleet Intelligence. Her cover name was Olivia West, sent to the penal colony for aiding and abetting the Maquis, and consorting with pirates. It was on her record and that is how she was captured as part of a raiding party. The others that were with her were sent to another place.

Olivia heard her name called, and she looked around, to see who was calling her. It was another one of the residents of the colony, his name was Markus and he had taken a liking to her.

"Olivia hurry up and finish so we can have lunch together." Markus called out.

Olivia put her hat back on and looked over towards Markus, "I've got a sandwich with me so I'm good, I want to get the next row hoed so I can finish for the day. " giving Markus a regretful smile. "I want to actually get to the showers before the hot water is all gone. That is my plan anyway."

"You've been putting me off, its been almost six months. I can help you out, make things better for you." the dark haired man giving her a pleading smile. He brushed some dust off of his dark skin. "C'mon, can't you just let go of the memory of your dead husband for just a night or two?"

Olivia flinched when he mentioned that, she closed her eyes,her personae had lost her husband hence her keeping herself from not being around anyone. That was the excuse that she had given. He though was one of her constant wannabe suitors. "Look, I just... um.. maybe dinner tonight?" deciding to relent on his asking. She wasn't going to be making that appointment though as she intended on leaving that evening.

Markus turned aside trying to mask his elation as to finally getting through to her, giving a bit of a fist pump. Olivia turned to get back to her hoeing, she had a slight smile as she finished the last row of the day. Apparently, Olivia's agreeing to having dinner with him, gave speed to Markus in his work and he had finished his tasks in record time.

"Go get your shower I'll see you in a couple of hours, I want to give you time to get cleaned up." the man said, "I can hardly wait to see you all prettied up." Markus giving a brilliant smile.

Olivia gave a nod, and a return smile then took her leave to get ready.
She reached the area where the woman were housed, getting a bit of attention there. Sally and Mary were there, having gotten their chores done as well. Mary with ebony colored hair, and Sally a blonde, were in taking their showers as well, commented to Olivia. "About time you decided to put Markus out of his misery, and look at that you have a bloom in your cheeks."

"I do? It must be the sun having gotten to me today." Olivia touching her cheeks feeling them warm up again.

"Ooh girl you have it bad for him don't you!" Sally teasing Olivia.

"Oh gosh, now don't you be making me go any redder." Olivia replied. Giving out a shy giggle.

The other two women laughed, it was good to them, to see her all smiling once more.

Time marched on, there was a little bit of a hiccup in Olivia's plan of not going to the dinner with Markus. Mary and Sally decided that they were going to help her get ready for that date. This included getting an outfit together that complimented her figure in order to make Markus go wow. Two hours went by and there was a knock at the door, Mary and Sally being there to reap the reward as to Markus' reaction to the transformed Olivia. His jaw dropped as he saw the woman in red, hair curled, make up put on.

"You are beautiful." Markus holding out his elbow for her to take.

Olivia took his elbow looking back towards the ladies who had helped her get ready, both of them fanning themselves mouthing to her that he was very hot and dashing. "Thank you." giving a charming and warm smile, to Markus.

The sun was starting to set causing the clouds that were starting to gather to have a fiery red glow. Olivia could tell that a storm was brewing, seeing some flashes of lightning amongst the darkening sky.

Markus looked up at the sky as well. "Good thing I planned on our dinner inside. Otherwise the rain would have ruined things."

"Oh? Well where are we going?" Olivia asked with great curiosity.

Markus just smiled, "Oh don't worry you will see, though what I have set up has to be a surprise so I'd like to blindfold you, before we get there."

This caused Olivia's heart to race, she wasn't liking the sound of that. "Um Markus, I am uncomfortable about that. No blindfold please? Otherwise I will turn back around and go to my bunk." Olivia being rather firm on that. Getting ready to do exactly what she said she'd do.

"Now hold on there, maybe you can at least close your eyes so I can surprise you?" Markus pleading with her. Gently catching her arm to keep her from leaving.

"Markus, this isn't really going too well now. I am having second thoughts about this. I am going to just head on back home." removing her arm from his hand.

"I am sorry Olivia I just wanted to surprise you but no closing of your eyes, I'll just show you." Markus giving a pleading look. "I've worked very hard on this, wanting to make you happy."

Olivia gave a nod, "Very well. You can show me."

Markus smiled and led the way to a small little hut of which Olivia knew it was known for being a place for romance. It was away from the main area, supposed to be a secret but wasn't.

The door was opened and Olivia's eyes widened, Markus had gone all out to make it look very nice. Food was already set up, baked chicken, fresh rolls, mashed potatoes. A full meal and a candle set in the center of the table to give off a romantic lighting.

"Oh Markus, this is amazing, and I love it!" Olivia turning towards him with a pleased smile.

Markus was quite happy to see her reaction. "Okay so lets sit down, and I've got a fresh salad with honey vinegar dressing. And just wait until you see what is for dessert." Markus giving a cheeky smile.

"I can hardly wait." Olivia responded, then began to eat the delicios meal which was baked chicken, with mashed potoes and gravy.Besides the delicious salad. "This is really good, my compliments to the chef."

Markus beamed, being very pleased with her remarks, as his food was really good. He flirted with Olivia making her blush so prettily. When dinner had been eaten, it was time for dessert. A strawberry short cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Olivia loved the dessert, even allowed Markus to feed her some of it. He leaned in to wipe away a piece of whipped cream from the corner of her mouth, then he kissed her.

Just as his lips met hers, there was a loud rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning over head. The candle on the table was snuffed out by a sudden gust of wind, which blew open the shutter of the window. "I'll get that." Markus said. He closed the window there was another flash of lightning, next thing he knew was darkness.

When he came to, Markus found pieces of the red dress that Olivia had worn, with blood upon it and signs of an animal attack. Markus stumbled to the door, trying to peer through the curtains of rain that fell. It was too heavy for him to discern anything, with a half sob, Markus slid down to the floor, his back against the door frame. What was supposed to be a nice romantic night, turned into a nightmare.

Elsewhere, quite a bit of a ways from the encampment, the last vestiges of Olivia West was put away, and Lieutenant Amy Gordon, of Intelligence unburied her cache of other clothing and equipment, changing into them. She was in a protected area in the hollow of a tree where there wouldn't be any sign of her being seen from overhead, and a chance for her to be dry for just a moment. Amy knew the direction she needed to go, taking the time for a quick bite to eat, and a brief nap. The next part of her journey was going to be hard, and dangerous, and she would need the thirty minute nap that she was allowing herself to have.

Thirty minutes were up, and having her compass plus a rudimentary map that had been drawn, Amy was ready to go. One more look around where she had holed up, the dark haired woman set off through the foliage, taking advantage of the storm. Her clothing dark in color, in order to match the shadows of the trees and dark places.

A few hours later, Amy arrived at her next point, her destination. The rocky spire an overwatch over the ocean, and a place where information could be gathered, solving a mystery that she had been wondering about. It was now time for the next stage, to get inside....

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