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Getting on with it.

Posted on Wed Sep 20th, 2023 @ 1:33am by Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Jayden Meran & Ensign Parker Rapp

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Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Bridge, USS Valiant
Timeline: Prior to B&E

“Captain’s Log, Star Date 76763.3. USS Valiant. Commander Rupert Tyree…Commanding,” Rhu swiveled his chair and let the wry smile play over his lips. Well. A Commander was supposed to Command. Putting his boots up on his desktop, he continued.

“Valiant is currently at a Pirate point over Trenton, an uninhabited moon nearest Vinderous III in the Fure System. We’ve sliced into the system’s defense net and are effectively invisible while we take readings and prepare for an Away mission to find out exactly what’s going on.”

Pausing to take sip of his Turkish coffee, Rhu gathered his thoughts before continuing. Commanders Ral and the crew’s interrogation methods have given us background, but I still find it hard to believe a Pirate crew is being run out of a Federation Penal colony.”

“Actually, it’s several crews. Small attack craft with limited jump capability operating off of a mother-ship. What we find here will dictate our next steps. Either hunting down the mother ship or seeking whoever is giving orders.”

End Log

Rhu glanced at Dayna and the assembled away team as they utilized the bridge to brief the mission. “Our prisoners indicated the whole operation is being run by the Warden, Clifton Shaw.” “Sensors indicate Shaw and most of the guards and administrators involved are where they’re supposed to be.”

After running through the layout of the facility and the pertinent information on their suspects, Rhu said. “I’m of two minds: Either brazen it out in a low orbit right while you beam down or stay hidden here and send you in via shuttle. What do you think Dayna?”

"I think a third option should be presented. We send someone in. We could hack the prisons computers and implant two transfer orders for new guards, and one order for a prisoner. We can then infiltrate the prison with the ship remaining hidden. Once we have enough evidence we spring the trap and come in guns blazing." Daynah smiled as she maded gun motions with her fingers. The idea of a good old undercover operation excited Daynah.

"It's your mission, Dayna," Rhu nodded with approval. Pick who you need and get after it."

"Aye sir. Give me about 12 hours to select the people and get the files placed into the computer. I think our new Intelligence Officer should be up to the task of hacking." Ral offered up. The wheels in her head had begun to turn. After the disgrace that was the frist contact with the Trelons this would be a welcome change of pace.

Ensign Parker Rapp was at his station at helm, the last few weeks had really dragged it out of him. The integration had garnered little to no results, but he was confident they would get to the bottom of what was going on. He heard the exchange between the captain and the executive officer "Sirs if you don't mind I'd like to volunteer for the mission" he said trurning round to face his commanding officer and the executive officer respectfully.

Daynah turned to the Ensign with a soft smile. She remembered being an eager young Ensign. "Ensign... Why would you volunteer for such a mission? This is going to be quite the risky mission, infiltrating a prison is no safe harbor"

Parker Smiled as he looked to Commander Ral "Well Commander we need every able body and id rather through my self into the ring knowing that id be helping than feel like i could be doing more also i feel like id be of more use to the away team of course the final say so lays with you and the captain so i will leave it at that impace for now" He said smiling turning back to face the helm console.

"Well then Captain I think I have a pilot and perhaps a criminal." Daynah said with a soft smile. It was the kind of smile the let everyone know that there was centuries of knowledge behind it.

"Sold," Rhu said as he glanced around Valiant's small bridge. "A two person team then. I'll have Mishka and a security team standing by for backup." He didn't like NOT going on the away mission but that was his lot now. "Get yourselves kitted out and pick a spot for insertion."

Daynah new her business and it was the perfect time for the Ensign to get his feet wet on away missions. Rhu gave Rapp a slap on the shoulder, "Don't get caught, Ensign," he smiled.

Parker held his hand over the captains for a second "don't plan on it sir" He said winking as his fixed once more on the helms console, this would possibly be his first away mission and now he needed to mentally prepare, but that's what Rapps were good at getting jobs done and getting out alive.

Jayden was sitting at his station. "I think I will sit this one out. We currently have no ships doctor, so I think my time is spend there better. I am probably of more use when we got them. "

"Right then assemble in the transporter room in ten minutes." Daynah said and turned to the turbolift. She planned on changing for this mission and had preparations to get done.

Rhu watched his crew go about the tasks and forced himself to sit calmly in his command chair, keeping his attention split between the ship's systems and monitoring (as best he could) the progress of his away team.

Only time would tell


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