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Posted on Sat Feb 3rd, 2024 @ 7:02am by Lieutenant Amy Gordon & Commander Daynah Ral & Commander Rupert Tyree & Ensign Parker Rapp

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Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Remote Site Gama, Vinderous III
Timeline: Two weeks after Here There Be Pirates

Wind whipped across the landing pad, occasionally gusting hard. Hundreds of birds made the the grayish black, craggy rocks home, calling to one another even in the dark of night. The smell of salt water, vegetation and (as might be expected) bird excrement filled the air with every gust of wind. Insects ranging up the fist size crawled across the slippery surface, marching about their constant life’s work of existing.

It was roughly five hours before dawn on this part of Vinderous III.

A flash of cascading light announced the arrival of Dayna and Parker as Valiant’s transporter deported them on the surface.

Parker felt the transporter begin to envelop him, soon enough he was no longer standing on the transporter padd on the valient, instead now he was standing on a crag looking a force of nature below him. Vinderous III was in full blown storm mode, The wind and rain whipped at parkers delicate light complexion "Well its defiantly storm season commander don't think I've ever been happier to see a storm" He said with a slight laugh "Should make our approach a little easier at the least" He said grabbing his tricorder to make sure he had the location of the site right in his head and he coardinates he was given.

"Drop the Commander stuff for the time being. Remember we cannot be affiliated with Starfleet should we get caught, and you never know who is listening. However, you are correct our approach should be a hell of a lot easier now. We have to keep an eye on the clock as well. The hope here is to get in, get our people, and get out before the patrols come around and that is every twenty minutes." Daynah looked around as she spoke, getting the lay of the land.

Amy was nearing the top, battling the wind and the rain. She made a face having slipped yet again grabbing onto a hand hold which was slick from the bird droppings she was going to definitely be needing to bathe in disinfectant by the time she was done with this. She wasn't someone afraid to get into some pretty awful places but this, Amy felt, was the worst one yet. Not only did she have to deal with squawky birds and their poo, she had to deal with huge bugs that made this rock their home. At some point, she was feeling nauseous, as she had caught a whiff of a stink from one of the bugs and she almost puked. She was glad she had her nose covered but still that stench permeated through the cloth. She forgot to apply the ointment beneath her nose in order to block the scent. She slipped once, skidding downward, she managed to grab a hand hold to keep herself from going completely down. She regained the ground she had lost and finally, Amy made it to where she could get inside.

She saw the lights of the approaching vessel which opened up the access, with all the gunk she was covered in, Amy blended with the scenery, then when the vessel slipped in so did she, quickly finding a ladder which led down to the garage area below. There would be more places to hide and a chance for her to get out of her befouled outer clothing. Amy found her way to the showers where she stripped out of her clothing, tossing them into the garbage and got cleaned up. Seeing the condition of her backpack, Amy was very glad she had her other clothing and her equipment sealed in a bag. Her rucksack was going to have to go as well. Now clothed in her other outfit, Amy needed to make certain she blended in, just in case she came across anyone. Her eyes looked around then stopped on the coveralls. That should work, finding one that fit her, Amy slipped it on. Okay now for the target, the administration level. She needed to get down there.. walking to where she thought she could gain entrance Amy noted that there were two individuals nearby. She sucked some air between her teeth. She will have to wait, but for how long?

Having seen enough Daynah turned to Parker. "We better get a move on. Don't wanna be here any longer than we have to." She motioned toward a winding and rocky path that led to the installation.

Parker nodded "Aye commander" He sad as he followed in her footsteps, brushing his feet against the floor to hide any trace of their footsteps "Well I dont think I've ever said this at least nature is giving us slightly easier cover"

"True... But I wouldn't be surprised if they had orbital scanning devices in place. Definitely something I would do if I were them. However, in lack of the evidence of them being present we have to presume that they are not there and proceed as such." Daynah reached up to grab a hand hold on the rock face after she approached it. "We are going to have to climb. We need to get up to the next plateau and get a look at the land, see what the best approach would be from this point."

The people who were in front of the lift, Amy thought that they were maybe security but their stance indicated that they also were relaxed. Oh gosh they are going to be there awhile. as she heard one of the personnel start to chuckle as if having heard a joke. Amy strained her ears to try to pick up anything, also they were not where she could read their lips either. She puffed out a slight huff of air. Still had to wait. Or did she. A look around and she noticed an access panel which hopefully would lead into the inner maintenance tunnels. She got it opened, and crawled inside, closing the panel after herself. To her estimation where she needed to go, would be in a lower level and that will be her target, she will just have to go down via ladder.

Next level, Amy made it to where she could find an other access panel and she stepped out into the hallway.

Daynah arrived at the gates to the compound she kept her eyes on the guards and began to process a way in that would send off the least amount of alarm. She found just that when she discovered an opening in the pattern the guards walked. "Right Ensign on my mark run to the gate quickly and quietly. We may only have on shot at this." When the opening came she nodded at Parker and began to run at the gate. She arrived first and with one quick and short blast from her phaser the gate was open and they were in.

Amy hearing footsteps moved around the corner away from them, trying the doors and finding them locked. Not that she expected to get into right away. The one thing that she figured she could possibly use to 'pick' the lock was using the phaser she had with her. She adjusted the setting in order for her to open the lock, she didn't know how much time she had but she was going to look into that room just in case this was the necessary area she needed to be in.

A few minutes went by, Amy looking around to see what was in this room. To her it looked like an office set up, computers, view screens and the like. She walked around making a quick scan then found a door which had a keypad to gain access. A frown became evident, she was going to have to do a slipshod breaking and entering, wait, she did have a code that was found for her to use. Lets see if this works. pulling out her padd. She quickly looked at the notes and smiled. She put in the code, and the door unlocked Amy slipped inside. So far the deal she had made with the one who gave her the codes has been paying off. Now to see if she is able to finish this task. A search and she found a place to where she can link up a data crystal to where information can be downloaded. She felt that the time was running out. In fact Amy thought she heard the sound of an alarm go off somewhere. She glanced down at the small loading screen, seeing that information and data was being downloaded to the device. A blip indicated that it was finished and she tucked it away into a safe place. It was time to go.

Amy wondered just what had triggered the alarm, hoping that what had triggered would provide just enough distraction for her to get out of this outpost. She left the room and headed for the door, pausing to peer out to see if the coast was clear. So far so good. She stepped out and closed the door when she heard something, saw something from the corner of her eye.

Blast it! I gotta run! as she ducked seeing a blast hit above her head. Amy sprinted around a corner and ran full tilt, then skittered around another corner trying avoid the ones chasing her.

As she turned another corner Amy spotted two people just stepping inside, just as she was heading out of the compound. She sent off a code that would let who she was to be picked up by to know that she was ready to leave. Hopefully the retrieval unit was ready to get her out of there. Amy could see the security turn around the corner. "Its now or never, hope you are there otherwise I may have to go for a swim." Amy muttered quietly as she neared the two people, one was a female trill, the other a tall human. They certainly didn't look like they belonged here.

Daynah had been jogging for what seemed like days. However, there was no sight or sound of their quarry. After some time she arrived at an access corridor that opened into a series of other corridors. "Ensign... What do you make of this? Your thoughts on how to proceed would be welcome." Daynah applied the strength of both her minds, that is to say her's and Ral's to the task. Thus far she could not come up with an answer.

Parker had been close behind, with his tricorder up, it felt like he had been running for hours. through corridors now they had reached a heavy empass "Well either were about to walk into walk into a trap or this is the only way forward" he said pondering "Either way we only have one choice boss ad it looks like we have to go through this door" he said stowing his tricorder and his hand falling to his phaser.

Deciding she needed to speak up, Amy cleared her throat. "So I don't know who you are, but you don't seem to belong here at all. However I've got several security personnel on my heels. And I have a piece of advice, if I were you I'd get away from here, if you don't want to end up at the penal colony. Someone set alarms off and that's not a good thing. If you have a ship I'd like to catch a ride with you, and we can sort things out afterwards." she looked at the betazed man who was with the trill woman. "Tick Tock, times running out. Otherwise I am going to have to go take a swim and I don't want to do that. "

Parker heard the voice before seeing her and almost fired off his phaser at her "what in gods name"He said as he caught himself "Boss I think we have a stowaway?" he said laughing a little.

"That's no stowaway. I would wager that is who we are here for..." Daynah whispered back to Parker, then she called out to the voice who just spoke, she decided to roll the dice and take a chance. "I am Commander Daynah Ral of the Federation Starship Valiant. Come out and join us and we can get you back to our ship."

Amy looked behind her hearing the running footsteps. Well, whatever happens, will happen, just as long as I am off this stinky rock and this planet. "Okay." Amy stepping out more and moving quickly to where Commander Ral and the betazed man were at. " Well then, Allons-y" Amy responded.

As soon as the newcomer was with them Daynah did not see any reason that they should stay. She planned on debriefing this Amy on the ship. Daynah tapped her comm badge. "Ral to Valiant. Three for emergency beam out. Energize!" As the transporter effect took hold Daynah could not help but be elated that they were no longer on that god forsaken rock.

Amy was elated that she wasn't going to be on this planet anymore. She was looking forward to sleeping on a bed and getting a shower. First of though information to be delivered. A smile appeared as the transporter beams encircled her, and they disappeared.


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