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Posted on Wed Jul 7th, 2021 @ 8:47pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Lieutenant JG T'Pel

Mission: Diplomacy by any means necessary.
Location: Bridge, USS Valiant
Timeline: Prior to Valiant departing for DS9

Curtis yawned into his fist and peered wearily at the chrono and sighed. He still had an hour left of his bridge shift and then he might be able to catch a few hours of sleep.

Glancing at the PADD in his hand, Curtis compared it to the display in front of him. Then he tossed the former onto the latter with a clatter. Heads turned around but he ignored them, pretending he hadn’t heard anything.

All through the cluster that had begun with Ambassador Telford coming aboard until now, when they were still twenty six hours out of Deep Space Nine, had upset the routine of the ship and they were still trying to get everyone back into a rhythm.

That was proving difficult as there were still a lot of unanswered questions.

Day had killed the Ambassador. But was she cognitive of it or hasher latent borg-tech betrayed her? Curtis wasn’t sure if they’d ever know.

And at this point it didn’t matter. He and Captain O’Donnaghue would meet with the powers that be at DS9, but he doubted either of them had enough pull to change what was ahead of Day or Shen.

Internalizing the next sigh, he turned his thoughts back to running Valiant. He had a feeling the crew was mostly operating on automatic and that would need tending to. Speaking of that…

Looking up, he looked thoughtfully at the back of T’Pel’s head and looked around. It was night watch and fairly quiet so he stood.“Pievas, Walters,” he said, addressing the two other crew members stationed on the bridge. “Give the Lieutenant and I the bridge, why don’t you. Go get some caf or something, but don’t go larking.”

The crew members acknowledged his order and exited the bridge, “Since there’s a lack of office space, T’Pel,” Curtis began. “I thought this would suit for a chat. How’s Operations looking now that you’ve got first chair?”

T'Pel was monitoring the usage of the starboard sensor array and running a diagnostic on the phaser coils. Definat class starships tended to deteriorate phaser coils even when not in use. A drawback from their overpowered systems.

Quietly working her diagnostics at her station, she turned her attention to the XO when asked his question, "There is has been no significant interruption since Lieutenant Day's arrest and trial. All systems are are within standard parameters. My staff is...adjusting to the change of department command," she commented to him, "There were several physiological issues for some of them having to be in close proximity to a former Drone. And they are adjusting to a more Vulcan approach to their assignments."

A grin played over Curtis's face and he said, "I can image. I know Day had particular troubles with Biv. Hopefully you two won't clash as badly." The XO's eyes moved to check various readouts and subconsciously monitored the low hum the systems gave off. "We'll be putting in to DS9 to lay in supplies before going through the wormhole and into the Gamma Quadrant. Speaking of the little darlings, how are our guests in relation to Valiant's systems. Any problems?"

"Chief Petty Officer Th'shrolneq will adapt to the new protocol," she told him matter of fact, "Should he not, his actions will be met with the appropriate repercussions." She tapped away at her console as she checked one more system off her report.

At the mention of the pest that were infesting the cargo bay, T'Pel stiffened if ever so slightly, "Their bodily functions have proved corrosive. Regular maintenance of their habitat is creating additional work. 'Little darlings' they are proving not to be. It is curious, I do not understand why many Humanoid species form a bond of infatuation with lower lifeforms. It is not an efficient use of time."

Chuckling, the XO said, "Well. Many reasons I guess. Companionship likely being the main reason. Pets generally offer up love and companionship without judging you or demanding much more than their basic needs which generally inspire a care-giving tendency. Some people even prefer their pets company to others. I take it you didn't have pets as a child?"

"No, I did not have pets," she told him, "If I was in need for personal consideration, I meditated," she informed him, "There are several Vulcan techniques that any could employ to bring balance to their daily lives." She turned to look at him, "You, yourself for example Commander. It would significantly improve your body posture and cause less wear and tear on equipment," she said commenting on his PADD tossing.

"Perhaps," Lieutenant," Curtis said, a smile tugging at his lips. "But for those of us more used to moving through a tide of emotions, seeing emotions in others helps keep us on track as we navigate our days. It also aids others in reading each other. If we get it right, we automatically adjust how we deal with most people. That's why I think we frustrate the Vulcan mind. People are mostly used to dealing with others who aren't in control of their emotions. It can leave people unnerved or even frustrated as we try and figure someone like you out, T'Pel."

"Yet Logic, would make it clear on what issues or events that require a solution. Poor decisions can come from empathetic entanglements. The Xindi War, for example. The food riots of Earth prior to World War 3... The Yankees," she said of the baseball team.

She turned back to her console and continued her diagnostics, "All Vulcan crews do not experience this frustration. All events are treated with calm and logical determination."

Chuckling, Curtis shook his head slightly and said, "Now there's a thought. An all Vulcan crew... I'm more than likely ill suited for something like that. At any event, I'm glad you have your Department in hand, T'Pel. I hadn't expected otherwise. If you need anything, my door is always open."

"I served on Vulcan ships for twenty-six years. I retired from service as a Captain. Vulcan ships are the most effecient in the galaxy. I was settled in teaching music on Vulcan after I retired. Yet, space continued to occupy my thoughts. Starfleet brings about it's own certain...challenges. Being around so many young people in itself is a challenge. But thank you, your offer is noted."


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