Dinner with the Captain?

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Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Captains Quarters, USS Valiant
Timeline: Before arriving at Empok Nor

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It was a few days maybe? Since Amy had been picked up from accomplishing her goal and meeting those who had come to do the same thing. Gaining information that was vital for Star Fleet. She was glad for the time to start acclimating to being back on a ship. It was strange in a way, after being undercover for almost seven months beneath the sun, working the earth, breathing the fresh air, eating fresh food, and not replicated food. Not having the utilization of technology. It was difficult but she enjoyed it. And now she kinda felt out of her element, hopefully she'll be able to find her way back to how things used to be.

Amy decided she needed to get to know the Captain of the Valiant, perhaps it was something that would step outside of protocol but she didn't care. She felt the best way to get to know someone was over dinner. She sent a message to Rhu.

This maybe out of order, however , would you be willing to have dinner with me in my quarters?-Amy Gordon

Rhu swiveled restlessly in his command chair on Valiant's bridge. Lots of things were playing through his mind: large among those pirates and plots within the Federation. His monitor pinged at him and he saw the message from the spy they'd picked up. Checking the chrono, he realized he was hungry. He was off duty anyway, time to vacate the bridge and give the others some breathing space.

Guest quarters are rather small aboard Valiant. Join me in mine in about half an hour, Ms. Gordon. Uniform of the day is business dress, or as dressy as you like. Standing and stretching, he made his way through the cramped companion ays to his cabin.


Rhu busied himself, first changing then organizing a meal. He...well Valiant, had been gifted a china and silver service from the people of Betezoid when he'd taken command but he hadn't had a chance to use them yet. While he was cleaning up, the ships steward and chef were hustling at this last minute request. He'd shaved, then climbed into a service dress white uniform that he'd had tailored and pressed before the ship left Betezoid. It was simular to the standard two-piece jumpsuits worn aboard ship, just with white panels instead of red. He was examining the wine the chef had picked out when he heard the annunciator chime. He caught Crewman Hewitt's eye and nodded.

The door opened revealing Amy standing there dressed simply in a greyish purple silk blouse, a black skirt and a pair of black flats. She had a pair of gold clip on earrings and a simple gold chain around her neck. This was one of her outfits Amy carried when she was out in the field. Something that can be rolled up tightly and carried with no worries.

Stepping inside, she glanced around Rhu's quarters then her gaze stopped upon him. "You are so correct in having dinner here. This is definitely more spacious than where I have been sleeping." a warm smile appearing. "I have have dined in smaller spaces. However, I am grateful for the invitation to dine here." taking a look around once more. It was her habit to get the lay of the land so to speak, and getting an idea of what the Commander was like. She found him attractive, noting the signs of experience in his gaze.

Smiling at her, Rhu gestured toward Hewitt and said, "Please seat the Lieutenant and inform Chef that we're at his mercy, Crewman Hewitt." As he moved to his own seat and slipped into the chair he said to Amy, "For a small ship, she's well turned out." His small stateroom, roughly twice the size of the rest of Valiant's staterooms, had a table draped in white linens and the ships crystal, and table settings set out. "The ambassadorial mission saw quite a few top of the lines stores brought aboard and Fleet hasn't yet realized we're still drawing those from supply. I trust you've found your quarters adequate? Unfortunately we're not bigger ship so I hope you're not claustrophobic."

"Thank you Crewman Hewitt." Amy responded after she was seated, then placed the napkin upon her lap. "My quarters I find more than adequate. It is lovely to enjoy sleeping without hearing someone snore nearby. Though I am missing the sound of nature that I had heard when on Vinderous III and even maybe the snores of a couple of the women there, where I was housed with." a twinkle in her eyes as she said this as well a broad smile. "As for the ship, I am not claustrophobic."

"I'm sorta glad you didn't include the snoring sounds in with the nature ones, "Rhu commented. "Some snoring I've heard might be taken for monsters under the bed." Hewitt served wine and Rhu picked up the crystal glass and sipped at it, then asked, "Mind if I ask how long you were undercover? And what the best part of it was?"

"I was undercover for seven months, and the best part of it? Sunshine, rain, gardening, eating fresh food. That's about it. There were some personable people there just made certain not to make any true connections" Amy replied, lifting the wine glass to her lips, and savored the taste of the wine. "This is very good." giving a smile.

"And the worst part," Rhu followed up as he sat back and stretched his legs under the table, making sure not to kick his guest.

"Truth be told, breaking individuals hearts, those who had developed what they felt to be a connection to my personae. There has to be a little bit of a connection in order to create the illusion. I do have regret, however the demise of my personae Olivia West, needed to happen." and there was some regret there in her eyes.

Rhu caught a high sign from Hewitt and pulled the white linen napkin into his lap as Valiant's current chef bustled in with the first course. The bald chef made his way in, carry a tray with covered vessel. "Good evening, Captain. Lieutenant," he said, "Tonight we'll be starting with freshly baked bread and chilled, creamy tomato basil soup." The chef busied himself, fussing with the service then disappeared.

Eyeing the chef's back, Rhu waited until he was sure the man was gone, then picked up some of the warm bread and dunked it into the small cup of soup they'd each been served. "You speak of losing the personae. How are you at hanging on to who you really are? I'd imagine that might get to be a challenge after a while."

Amy had an amused look in her eyes as she watched Rhu dunk his bread. She followed suit in dunking her own piece of bread into the soup, then taking a bite, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the flavor of it. Her mouth clear, she commented to Rhu. "I do love doing that." Amy giving a laugh, then she answered Rhu's question. "It could in time, be problematic if an individual doesn't take the time to put in failsafes in their own mind. Or have a handler that keeps tabs when appropriate. Also it is very good to go have some fun, that is all about me."

Smiling, Rhu tore at the bread, spreading some of the fresh butter on the next part. "Fun. Yes that is important. One of the reasons I was glad to get Valiant was the small ship atmosphere, the open air galley in the commons and the fun it should be popping into numerous ports of call. The deep space missions and big ships have their own charms I'm sure. Fun is also relative."

Chuckling, he wiped at his mouth with the napkin and then reached for his wine glass. "For instance, I very much enjoy the concept of a captain dining their officers in to get to know them better and they, in my case, him. The Captain's seat is supposed to be a fairly lonely one in some cases."

As he raised his glass toward his lips, he paused, "What's your definition of fun, Ms. Gordon?"

Amy was watching Rhu's movements, him lifting his glass of wine, to just his mannerisms. She was also listening to his voice as well. "What do I consider fun. I have a variety of interests that I consider fun. I like to watch people, I have done acting. I read, both historical and non historical books. I do love history, and I am into archery. I draw, play the violin and the flute. Fencing and knives." she took a sip of her wine, then set the glass back down onto the table. "what I stated may seem like I am an over-achiever, maybe I am, but its just a reflection of how I was raised, and my curious nature." she chuckled, as she picked up her spoon to eat her soup.

Before Amy dipped her spoon into her soup she commented. "I am pleased and maybe was a little surprised that you agreed to have dinner with me. It helps me to see what sort of captain I will be working with, depending on if I am assigned to the ship. I do like the freedom of movement, that the Valiant does offer."

Rhu's eyes grew amused as he finished off his bread and wiped the last of the soup from it's bowl. Wiping his hands on the napkin in his lap, he said, "Valiant is an interesting ship. Escort rated, Defiant class, the crew hasn't been together all that long. You likely know we've been assigned to a Special Projects group called the Department of Operational Analysis, nominally under the Federation Security Council. Unofficially attached to Federation Intelligence, but specifically at the orders of President."

Rhu reached around, retrieved a flimsy from his bunk and set it next to Amy's plate. Those orders, as of about three hours ago officially assign you as a mission specialist aboard Valiant. All of that and what I've said is, rated Top-Secret / Presidential, compartmentalized under Operation Llama." He let her read the flimsy as the Chef brought in their next course, setting down a pan-seared trout with roasted vegetables. The steward updated their wine glasses for the next course and Rhu met her eyes as chef and Hewitt left.

"I'm not sure what all that is going to entail, but it looks like you're part of Valiant now, Ms. Gordon. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you." she answered after reading over the flimsy. Tucking it away in one of her pockets, she thanked the chef. When he retreated, Amy then asked, "I would like to know what you consider fun? Turn about is fair play, don't you think?" Amy giving Rhu a wink before she cut into the tender looking trout to take a bite. The explosion of flavor greeted her tastebuds and she loved how it seemed to just melt in her mouth. She took a sip of the wine finding it a good complement to the trout. The enjoyment of the food Amy was feeling, she wasn't hiding it.

Glancing up at the intelligence officer as he tasted his entree, Rhu gave her question a thought before answering. "Fun? Fun is getting a 17 lb. Gavian Pike on light line. Or pushing a fighter through an asteroid field at full military speed. Maybe just challenges? Or maybe I'm an adrenaline junkie."

Amy regarded Rhu for a few moments then a smile appeared, "That does sounds like a lot of fun there. Do you do sparring by chance? Hand to hand?" she asked between bites. This was her gaining more information on her now commanding officer and she was also genuinely interested.

Leaning back in his seat, Rhu nodded. "I do. Mostly Betezoid forms and a mish-mash of other styles picked up along the way. Betezoid M'zza tends to be more meditative, but it helps work the kinks out. What do you practice?"

"Its a little bit of a mix of martial arts which has bits and pieces of Krav Maga, Wushu, Capoeira, and some jijutsu with a touch of karate and with weapons training. Its called Khodan Khan Karate." Amy responded. "I also utilize tai chi."

Nodding, Rhu said, "We'll have to do some sparring in the future. Somehow, I think we're going to need the practice."

"I wholly agree that we need to do so. " Any replied "I look forward to that."




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