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Furry additions to the crew or pest?

Posted on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 8:01pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue & Lieutenant Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Day Smith & Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, Daughter of Kretorg & Lieutenant JG T'Pel
Edited on on Tue Feb 16th, 2021 @ 8:29pm

Mission: Diplomacy by any means necessary.
Location: Deck 3
Timeline: MD004 1800 hrs

Most of the cargo was moved aside and the transport was a success and the others finally got to see what the away team had found on the surface of the celestial object. About 30 lemurs crawled or even flew around the small space of the cargo bay.
Natan walked in moments later with the one creature still on his shoulder. He finally figured out the creatures name. Nayuu. But they weren't even close to understanding each other telepathically yet. But they got to introductions, so that was good.

He looked to everyone gathered in the room. I guess everyone looked more or less overwhelmed by what had gotten on board the small ship. The Lemurs didn't seem to be bother at all. They seemed to like the space they were in. They were crawling or flying around the space that was reserved for them. Some were smelling the place, and a small group had started to climb the cargo on the other side of the room.

Curtis took the now lemur infested cargo bay with a bemused look. Finally, he said. "Well, this should serve for now. The questions are how long before they get bored and need a change of surroundings. And where should we go to look for those new surroundings. Stellar cartography never was my strong subject..."

Daynah looked at the lemurs with both a bemused and curious expression. On the one hand she saw a large group of animals, on the other she knew they were sentient. Those thoughts along with the thoughts of all of her previous hosts were running through her head. Eliza wanted to experiment and find out how they evolved etc. The question posed by the Executive Officer changed all of her thoughts. "It would have to be a Class M planet or planetoid with a jungle type climate somewhere on it. Not sure off hand how many planets around here fit that description, however, I will get on finding it. The sooner we do the sooner they will have a new home."

"I did find something while investigating the meteor," Natan said as he handed Daynah a chip. "We may not be able to understand the creatures yet, but whatever is on this, it is most likely something the computer can translate." He looked to Nayuu. "This one seems determined to be able to communicate to me. It seems we have come attached to each other. which is quite interesting. It is almost like we are mentally linked. The link is like I have with my wife, only different. Maybe a bit more...." He tilted his head as he looked to Dayna. "...Symbiotic."

At the mention of being linked and a symbiotic relationship Day took a step back. She had already been at the edge of the proceedings but she really didn't take to the attention and curiosity the furry creatures seemed to have in them. She looked at how they were rather enjoying the environment that was created for them in the cargo bay and wondered why she had been prompted to come here as Chief of Ops. There was not much else that she could do for them.

T'Pel fit the pair of nitrile gloves onto her hands. Telepathic creatures wishing to communicate put the touch telepath in an uneasy state. She moved her head to the left just in time as one of creatures swooped past her, "I would recommend we refrain from any...communication with these creatures until we have had the ability to study them further," she suggested as she stopped one of the lemurs from landing on her shoulder as it hit her palm and soared back the way it came.

Valiant's exec looked at the creatures. For all the ones that were flitting about, there were just as many observing Valiant's crew members from various vantage points. At the Vulcan's words, he said, "All well and good but they might have other ideas. I don't know about symbiosis...symbiotic connections but we thought that they're intelligent." He stopped as if listening to his own words, then said, "To put a point to it. They seem to be watching us just as we're watching them. They may not want to wait until we're good and ready to communicate."

Daynah looked at the Captain quizzically at the mention of a symbiotic relationship. She took the chip "Sir I will get on translating this as well. If I may sir, I would recommend not communicating telepathically with the creature as of yet. We do not know what kind of effect that may have on you. If there is any at all." She looked toward the creatures and knew that the suggestion that she just made came from Ral. "If anyone knows the potential dangers of symbiosis it is a Trill, sir."

Somehow feeling the tension rising in the room, Nayuu the Lemur made some questioning noises. He then raised up as if talking to his group mates. That got a response as the all the Lemurs looked at him. They felt silent for a moment as they looked at him. Something transpired between them and the Lemurs regrouped and kept their distance from the humanoids in the room. They kept observing them from the distance though. The he ruffled Natan's hair.

Natan looked amazed at the lemurs. "Incredible," he said. "They're also emphatic. Nayuu must have instructed the others to keep their distance. He understands it makes us uncomfortable when the Lemurs come too close." He looked to Nayuu, kind of ignoring what Daynah was saying. It was most likely too late, Nayuu seemed already strongly connected to Natan. Natan was hoping he would be able to communicate with Nayuu, so he allowed Nayuu in his mind. But so far Nayuu was cautious around Natan's mind. So far it was mostly interested in just communication. Natan didn't feel that afraid. He sensed Nayuu wanted a mutual co existence.

Finally he turned to Daynah. "Maybe find out what the Lemurs need in forms of environment, maybe we can find a suitable planet for them." He said and looked to Curt. "Commander, continue on our way, I believe the Ambassador is probably eager to get en route again." He then looked around the cargo bay. "In the meantime keep non essential personnel out of here."

What transpired deeply troubled Daynah, however, there was not much that she could do. She did decide that she would keep an eye on these lemurs and the Captain and make sure that nothing ill happened. "Yes sir, I will start scanning the neighboring systems." She replied to the Captain's order before her silence looked suspicious.

Day didn't need to be told twice that all non-essential personnel had to vacate the room. She immediately stepped back and turned on her heels to break the rank they were standing in, heading towards the door to exit the cargo bay. She wondered why anyone would willingly allow another creature to share their thoughts and brain.

"Aye aye, Captain," Curtis responded automatically, then said. "The Ambassador will be most grateful, I think. Or at least he may keep the Orion from lurking so much, in a not-so-subtle a reminder that we're a bit off mission." The Valiant's executive officer considered the bay again then said, "I think we should put a medical quarantine on the bay, sir. We're bent the Prime Directive some so we might straighten it a bit by following safety procedures aboard."

Daynah turned toward the Captain. "I am going to have to concur with the Commander. Until we can learn all we can the bay should be under a strict quarantine."

T'Pel exited the bay. As a touch telepath, the Vulcan welcomed the distance from the creatures. Folding her arms behind her back she walked down the corridor to go back to her station.

Curtis felt scrabbling at his knee first, then claws digging for purchase as one of the alien's crawled up his back, perched on his shoulder with careful claws wrapping into his hair and chittered purposefully. In his mind, Curtis suddenly felt a hunger for fruit.

Or something. "Well, I think our guests are hungry. Or this one at least," he remarked. "Seems they can communicate some things to dullards like me."

The creature chittered and pulled his hair almost in admonishment and he winced. "I think I was just rebuked, Captain."

Daynah smiled. "I am not surprised. They've been here a while now. From I what I gathered from the vegetation they eat fruits and nuts. Just like Earth counter parts. I am sure we can provide that from the replicators."

Daynah watched the exchange warily and headed for the door. She had orders, and something within her wanted to get as far away from these things as she could for the moment.

Tavana had been in sickbay for a few days after she contracted a Cellirian flu. She still felt a little drunk, but her fever was normal than it was not, only the odd spike let her know she still had to take it easy. She was over sickbay now. Like completely. "What is going on?" she asked Daynah as she approached the door.

"It seems that we are going to have visitors..." Daynah began with a small amount of irritation in her voice. She was wary of these creatures and would feel more comfortable if the dealings that the Valiant had with them was not aboard the ship. "...These creatures seem to be sentient and the Captain would like to get to know them. As of now they are guests of the Valiant."

"They are telepathic.." Tavana commented alarmed at what she sensed.

That bit of news stopped Daynah in her tracks. She knew that the Lieutenant's mixed heritage included Betazoid. "What are you sensing Lieutenant?" If these things were not being up front than Daynah wanted to know everything she could.

"At he moment it's more like needs, or images. Like they are communicating what they want, like food. Emotions as well, but at this point I can't discern thought patterns," Tavana tried to explain.

"Keep at it, and be as covert as possible. Please report any findings to me. Something is just rubbing me the wrong way about these things. This must have been what it felt like on the Enterprise when the tribbles were brought aboard." Daynah replied and added the last bit with a smile.

Tavana nodded. She was glad she was not the only one who didn't trust the small creatures, a thought she instictively shielded.

After disentangling himself from the creature and ordering food from the replicators, Curtis looked about and said, "Alright. I think maybe we should leave our guests to settle in and we all have duties," the XO said as he walked toward the door and ushered the crew out. "There will be more than enough time to get to know one another as we go along..."

Curtis wasn't sure what the Captain was going to do, and it didn't really matter. Natan was the Captain....the XO had to make sure everyone else returned to their regular duties.


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