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Here there be Pirates! (part 2)

Posted on Thu May 12th, 2022 @ 5:03pm by Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant Jayden Meran & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Lieutenant JG Resel Pos & Ensign Parker Rapp & Ensign Teza Barjel
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Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Djux IV Star System, Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Week 1

Previously, on USS Valiant

Valiant closed the distance and put herself between the raiders and their prey, her drive pushing her ahead at full military speed as the escort raced toward. Enemy fire began lancing at them as Rhu gripped the arms of his command chair and said, "Target first flight of raiders. Right through their formation."

After a few beats as Valiant banked and bobbed through their intended course of travel, the Raiders weapons began flashing stray hits began registering on Valiant's hull.

"Open Fire," Rhu ordered, his hands tightening on the arms of his command chair.

And now the continuation

Valiant banked and dodged between the raiders opening follies and began to trade phaser fire with the lead ships and the rumble of launched torpedoes could be felt through the deck as the launchers cycled.

In the first few seconds, the lead ship zigged when it should have zagged and took two torpedoes after withering phaser fire depleted it’s forward shields.

That raider simply ceased to exist.

The other two split wide and banked to starboard as Valiant bucked slightly as it cruised through the remains of the first raider, bits and pieces disintegrating against their shielding. Bigger pieces bouncing off.

Frowning, Rhu looked over the tactical display and said. “Helm, bring your heading to 254.81.612..variations along that plane of flight as we loop around.”

Parker smiled as he looked around "Aye I'll make the adjustments" he said as he inputted the coordinates "Coarse laid in at full impulse" parker said look he twisted the dial as the ship adjusted to his coordinates "Shoudlent be long till ad we will be in range captain"

“Tactical, as we loop about, full battery fire as we bear on designated ship A and then B. Go for disabling shots. Those other three will be trying to use the distraction,” Rhu said, his forehead creasing in a frown as he studied the overlay.

"Aye sir. Targeting weapons and engines. Phasers and torpedoes locked" Resel said

“XO, Ops,” Rhu called out after a few beats. “Volley fire torpedoes at those three. At this range, they may be able to avoid them but it lets try keeping them busy."

"Aye sir..." Daynah replied and then began imputing commands with lightening speed into the computer.

"Computer is ready for continuous fire at the designated targets. However, there must be a 45 second cool down period between volleys or the launchers will burn out. Volley fire is commencing now..."

As his crew was fighting the ship Rhu took a moment, looking at the other three raiders and their relative bearing as their first waive split apart, trying to catch Valiant in cross fire. Then he blanched as a blip flashed on the sensors.

Parker rocked with the ship, trying to alter coarse so that they were out of the firing line "Captain adjusting heading to that we have a better tactical view hold onto your asses ladies and gents" Parker punched the speed.

"WE GOT INCOMMING" he shouted "Switching my parameters to a dodge and intercept coarse" his hands moved quicker than he knew possible, dialing it up in speed "Im gunna try and swing us round the side of the lone raider see if we can give it a hail mary of our own" he said winking as the Vallient picked up speed.

"We have incoming fire!" Resel said. His warning was too late however, as a volley of six quantum torpedoes approached Valiant's shields. "Firing defensive shots." As the canines hands worked his console 2 torpedoes had already hit. "Shields down to 80 percent. Triangulating source "

Mumbling to herself, ' Damn it! He's gonna get us hurt! Dipping, dodging, banking, and all. We are going to get hit bad,' Rianna cringed as she muttered. A bulk head just gave and caused a panel to throw sparks around. Tapping her com badge, "Bridge, engineering here we're gonna lose a few bulkheads down here. SIF is dropping 5% for every hit we take. Generators are trying to boost power but unless we stop getting hit I can't guarantee how long shields will hold," Rianna barked. Shaking her head, she went to work getting the panel fixed as the ship shuddered from more hits.

Rhu felt Valiant shudder again and again as they took more hits, though most of those were glancing hits and the shielding and ablative armor was holding. He studied the tactical readouts, trusting Dayna and his officers to keep an eye on the ships systems.

They took another torpedo hit and damage reports started rolling in. The command chair's restraint field whined as Rhu grabbed at the arms to keep from being tossed to the deck. Growling, he stared at the tactical net and watched as Valiant's phaser's reached out and overpowered another Raider's shielding.

Rhu watched dispassionately as the Raider's shield popped and one of their own torpedo's tore the raider in two, the ship's atmosphere abruptly leaking out into space.

A third Raider was circling in toward them and he looked out at the other three. They were moving to stand off and firing more torpedoes at the Valiant.

And the freighter...

"Damn it," he growled and called out. "Tactical. Point defense to automatic with secondary phaser banks. Take out those torpedoes targeting the Albatros. XO, Continue sending torpedoes at those three. I think they're hoping to take us out, but they've got to also getting nervous.

"You got it, Captain!" The canine at tactical said. He also began to pant nervously, which he quickly stopped himself. "Keep it together, Resel" he told himself

Half of Daynah's hair hung loosely from the usual tight pony tail that she kept it in. The shaking of the bridge and the damage that the ship had taken saw to that. She wiped sweat from her forehead and nodded an acknowledgement of the Captain's orders. "Firing spread aral alpha two." A spread of fifteen torpedoes burst forth from the Valiant's launchers. They formed into a pyramid formation and began to head toward the three raiders. As the torpedoes approached they began to split into three smaller groupings of five torpedoes each. All were direct hits and when the explosions subsided Daynah reported. "One raider destroyed, another without weapons and shields to 35%, the third has lost warp speed."

"Very well," Rhu acknowledged. His adrenaline was pumping and he felt his senses reaching out...he could feel his crews and the raiders emotions. Dedication and worry from his Valiants and a growing desperation and fear on the part of the raiders. The half-betazoid closed his eyes for a couple of beats, sifting through the intentions the raiders and his eyes opened.

"Helm," Rhu ordered, "Keep us between the Albatros and those incoming torpedoes." The Valiant shuddered again as raking fire from the nearest raider flashed over their shields and a torpedo leaked through. Smoke filled Valiant's bridge and sparks flew from consoles as he heard crew members cry out in pain.

Parker felt the Valiant shake with the torpedos, with the last torpedo it sent parker flying into his console, chest first he winced in pain as his chest collided with the console "Reworking parameters now captain" he winced as he pushed the buttons and tweaked the dial "Valiant on an intercept course captain full impulse" he said holding onto his side and wincing a little as he rubbed his chest.

"Doctor," Rhu half coughed out, "Stand by for wounded. "Engineering, give me a damage report."

Caine already was treating well before the first blast struck the ship. Crewman Olso was nursing a head wound after not clearing the entrance to one of the Jefferies tubes. "Crewman hold still." As she and the crewman rocked a bit from the blast. Using the tricorder. "You will live crewman." she said arguably. She grabbed the dermal regenerator, trying to hold still as the ship maneuvered. Lights dimmed then came back, as three Crewman entered dragging a fourth. Slaps her commbadge, "They are already here."

"Christ! Get a hold of that beam," she yelled as her badge buzzed. "It ain't no picnic down here bridge. IDF fields are on half power, SIF fields are holding but not for long. Warp is only running at 50%. Bulkheads are buckling and the new equipment has all but failed. Now, if you ask me a solid EM surge at the raiders should kill the raiders ships movements," Rianna yelled as a beam fall infront of her. "Charlie get this piece of junk outta here NOW," she yelled.

"I hear you," Engineering, "Rhu responded. "Do you're best. Valiant is tough." He checked a reading and said, "Ablative armor is holding at eighty percent."

Lights dimmed and he saw the tac screen shake and nearly blink out as the third raider moved in, it's weapons ripple firing as it tried to destroy or drive the Valiant off. Rhu resisted standing up as he continued to issue orders. "Operations more power to the shields. Tactical, get that Raider off of my ass!"

"Its off!" Resel said. His hands danced across the tactical console, what was left of it. "Targeed with photons..and away" Three red orbs dot from the Valiant on the way to their target. To Resels relief, they impacted. Resel breathed a sigh of relief.

Jayden sustained minor burns to his hands when his console surged. "Captain...." He hissed a bit as his hands hurt. "Captain, shields are failing. I managed to get some force fields up around the damaged sections. We were venting atmosphere. But I don't know how long they can hold. Damage team is on their way. I don't know how much she is going to take."

Rianna had not noticed that she was bleeding. No pain was felt but it was going to prove a problem later. Fighting the consoles that were going on and off, trying to reroute power to secondary consoles worked for a time but for how long? Gerald walked over holding his head, "Boss we're gonna lose warp power if we don't shore up the magnetic power couplings of make new ones," he said looking at the blood stain that was growing on her tunic. "Um,'re hurt! Shouldn't you go to sickbay?" Gerald added.

Looking at her side she realized that she had a piece of bulkhead sticking out her side and summarily said "Oh shit," and sank to the floor.

"Bridge....Bridge.....Lt. Repatha has been hurt! Help...she is bleeding!." The panicked Lt.Jg said. Gerald was shaking with fear and not knowing what to do made him more scared.

"This is the bridge, transporters are down. I have send Ensign Berjel down to assist the emergency medical team. She should be down shortly." Lieutenant Meran out.

Now Rhu did stand, his sparked mental abilities picking up Valiant's...his...crew's surface thoughts and emotions and he felt a swelling of pride.

They were doing a damn fine job!!

Rhu watched their barrages of torpedoes hammer into the Raiders and in a quick shifting about, the raider chasing them had it's shield and drive blown out. Their weapons systems were quickly dealt with.

With one of their number destroyed, and one badly damaged. Rhu tried to get a read on the outer group's intentions. He blinked and then squinted as the relatively undamaged ship abruptly turned on it's wounded mate like a Gidarian hyena, it's weapon systems flashing multiple times, blasting the other raider to atoms, before it's warp drive winked in and they disappeared.

Swearing, Rhu took stock and glanced around at his crew and he began issuing orders. "Secure from quarters. Yellow alert. Lieutenant Meren, take control of damage control. Get me assessments as soon as we can. Secondary medical personnel, report to the doctor for assignment."

Glancing then to the view screen, he used a hand to clear the tactical/holographic overlay. Rhu didn't need the sensors to tell him their were still living beings aboard that ship. Curling his lip he didn't take his eyes off of the floating raider.

"Helm, get a docking solution and latch onto that raider. XO," Rhu said. "Put together a team."

Then he grinned wolfishly and said, "Away all boarders."

...To be continued...


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