Here there be Pirates! (part 3)

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 5:16pm by Commander Rupert Tyree & Senior Chief Petty Officer Harriet Hastings & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha

Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Djux IV Star System, Beta Quadrant
Timeline: Week 1

Last time on USS Valiant

"Christ! Get a hold of that beam," Rianna yelled as her badge buzzed. "It ain't no picnic down here bridge. IDF fields are on half power, SIF fields are holding but not for long. Warp is only running at 50%. Bulkheads are buckling and the new equipment has all but failed. Now, if you ask me a solid EM surge at the raiders should kill the raiders ships movements," Rianna yelled as a beam fall infront of her. "Charlie get this piece of junk outta here NOW," she yelled.

* * * * *

"Its off!" Resel said. His hands danced across the tactical console, what was left of it. "Targeed with photons..and away" Three red orbs dot from the Valiant on the way to their target. To Resels relief, they impacted. Resel breathed a sigh of relief.

* * * * *

Jayden sustained minor burns to his hands when his console surged. "Captain...." He hissed a bit as his hands hurt. "Captain, shields are failing. I managed to get some force fields up around the damaged sections. We were venting atmosphere. But I don't know how long they can hold. Damage team is on their way. I don't know how much she is going to take."

And now the Conclusion

In the silence of space, the USS Valiant moved toward the broken raider as Rhu watched, listened…and felt his crew going about their duties. Overall, he was proud of how his new command had performed today.

But the day’s work wasn’t done yet.

“COB,” Rhu said, activating the blower. “What’s Engineering look like?”

As she helped a couple of crewmen shift debris and uncover access panels, Harriet took a moment to wipe her brow with the back of her hand and glance about. “Well. It’s not FUBAR, but it’s not SNAFU either,” the Chief of the Boat reported. “We’re working on it Captain. I’ve got crews sealing the hull breaches and shoring up Engineering. Biv is working on the transporter…I’d say three hours to get the hull taken care of and restore most systems to normal ‘ish… I’ll let you know more when I know.”

“Thanks COB,” Rhu called out. “We’ll get you more help when we can.”

Glancing at the view screen, Rhu stepped forward and rested his hands on the back of the helmsman's chair, while his eyes took on a vacant look for a few beats. "XO, board that raider," he said without turning his head toward Dayna.

“I assume you’re taking Resel. I can spare one more. From what I can tell, there are still three people left alive over there.” Frowning slightly, he said, “Two seem knocked around, afraid and are arguing while they try and get their systems up. The other seems unconscious.”

"Aye sir. I will take the Doc with me as well. better safe than sorry with the potential for wounded." Daynah said as she rose and tapped her comm badge. "Lieutenant Pos, Dr Caine, and Lieutenant Ru'fallo meet me in the shuttle bay." She turned to the Captain. "I am going to take a shuttle over there. Better than waiting for transporters. With your permission sir."

"Get it done, XO," Rhu nodded as his eyes blinked and he felt himself calming from the last few minutes. "Don't dally. Tag and bag those people and make sure they don't have any self-destructs."

Looking over to his tactical officer, Rhu said, “Lieutenant. Reset the safeties, but leave the phasers powered up and extend the proximity alarms as far as they’ll go. We don’t need anyone sneaking up on us.”

Stepping over to look over Jayden’s shoulder for a moment, he said. “You’re doing a good job, Ops. There doesn’t seem to be anything critical at the moment so, as my grandmother used to say, Slow and Steady wins the Day.”

Moving to his command chair, where he could get progress updates and keep an eye on the tactical station, Rhu activated his Comm again and said. “Doctor. I know you’re busy but if I could get a report.”

Caine hears the comm, using a blood hand to tap her badge. Then applies pressure to a wound. "34 wounded, 8 critical, 3 requiring surgery, 16 urgent, the rest with minor injuries, and 3 dead. I have my Head nurse in the cargo bay taking overflow. I need more help. Sir!" Moves her hand and gets squirted in the face with bright blue blood. "Micro sutures!" she called for.

Forgetting about the bulkhead sticking outta her side, mustering enough sheer will power, Rianna was working feverishly to get some power from anywhere she dared and shunted it into the shields for what it's worth. The shield grid indicator began to rise as two engineers got three of the power converters back online. Now she had some power.

Trying to clear her dizzy head from loss of blood, "Bridge you got juice do what you have to do and be quick about it. This is only a jury rigged thing and for all I know it won't hold out long!" closing the com, she saw some more power coming back. 'Come on old girl show them you still got some kick in you yet!' and she succummed to the blackness of unconsciousness.

Harriet thump on a panel to seat it back into place then grinned as it lit up and the air handling system kicked back in, venting smoke from engineering. Catching site of Rianna slumped over, she quickly checked the CEO over then summoned two crewman to carry her to sickbay.

They had to get those transporters back online. Turning, she began issuing orders and re-tasking personnel as she took stock and moved to a damage control board.




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