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Change of Commad

Posted on Sun Apr 10th, 2022 @ 4:10pm by Commander Curtis Thibideaux & Commander Rupert Tyree & Commander Daynah Ral & Lieutenant Kaitlynn Caine (Marshal) & Lieutenant Jayden Meran & Lieutenant JG Rianna Repatha & Ensign Parker Rapp & Commander Natan O'Donnaghue

Mission: Prelude to War
Location: Port of Stems, Betazoid
Timeline: Two days until launch

It was a sunny, clear day as Valiant sat, still landed at the Betazoid BDF space Port of Stems, flags and bunting decorated a small perimeter of the ship. BDF ground force troopers ringed the ship and carpeted walkway leading from this sections flight ops building. Valiant’s crew was turned out in dress uniforms to one side of the escort’s gangway.

Valiant was sitting broadside to the ops building with the crew in formation to one side of the carpeted runway and the guests clustered on a reviewing stand on the other. Near Valiant, a raised podium with guests waited for the appearance of both Valiant’s old and new commanding officers.

Introduced by Commander Thibideaux, Admiral Leyhei had officiated, giving a simple speech on thanking everyone on behalf of StarFleet and had turned things over to Prelate Irriana Kay, Valiant’s sponsor on Betazoid. She had thanked the crew for letting the people of Betazoid into their lives; sharing a glimpse of Valiant through the tours and personal interaction over the past month.

The Prelate had then introduced Administrator Von Gravinol than spoke, thanking the crew of the Valiant and the Federation Council for making possible Valiant’s adoption by the people of Betazoid.

Finally, a local band played the Federation anthem as both (now) Captain O’Donnaghue and Commander Tyree made their way from where they’d been waiting at the foot of Valiant’s gangway, symbolically suggesting they’d surveyed the ship together and were now prepared for the ceremony.

As Valiant’s commanding officer, Natan stepped up to the podium first.

Natan stepped on the podium and then turned a moment to the admiral. Then he turned his attention back to his crew as he began to speak, "Thank you, Admiral, for those beautiful words. I don't think I could top that. Mainly because I wasn't cut out for command. Or so I thought. If it wasn't for my brother in law, General O'Donnaghue, I wouldn't be here today, standing before you. From the day we left port till the day we landed on Betazoid we have been through a lot. We lost people along the way. And some joined us. It is then with heavy heart I have to give over the reigns of this fine ship. But I know Captain Tyree, so I know I will leave her in capable hands." Natan paused a moment as if to think of his words a moment before continuing, "Valiant is more than just a starship. She is home." He smiled to everyone present. Again he was silent. "I guess i can't delay this any further." He took a deep breath and said, "Computer, transfer command codes to Commander Rupert Tyree, authorization O'Donnaghue Alpha 2 Beta Zero."

The computer tjirped and replied, "Command codes successfully transferred."

Natan nodded and stopped off the podium stopping in front of Ru.

Ru faced Natan and said formally, "I relieve you, Sir."

Natan nodded to his old friend and said, "I stand relieved."

Ru clapped Natan on the shoulder before Valiant's former CO turned and took up a new position facing the assembly. Turning himself, he studied the crowd for a moment and said, "Thank you Captain O'Donnaghue. I know you've formed a fine crew here and I look forward to getting to know you and the Valiant."

He paused, relishing this experience. "I'm not one for speeches. I want to thank the BDF and Betazoid for hosting me for the past two years. Now, Crew of the Valiant. You're dismissed. Forty eight hour leave for all hands and then we'll be buttoning her up and preparing for space."

Rianna was proud of Curtis as he gallantly watched as Captain Natan O'Donnaghue turned the Valiant over to Cmdr. Tyree. She would have to speak with the new Commander at a later time but right now she had to collect her intended and hold him tighter than ever. Not knowing if he was going to go as an advisor or what, all she knew is that they were going to be apart for a while.

Kaitlynn stood near the back of the crowd away from most of the people. Hands folded neatly behind her back. She didn't know the former CO and was intrigued by the new incoming Commander. She could hear the murmurs from those gathered as they looked at the former borg. *They are scared, let them fear us* one of the voices said in her head. She ignored the voice and tried to concentrate on the ceremony. As most people chose to give her a wide berth as they moved past her.

The words of Alaryc Ral rang through Daynah's head. 'Whenever they do the ceremony you can bet it is permanent.' the voice said and that thought saddened Daynah. She had served with Curtis and Natan for a few years now and although they were on to bigger and better things she could not help but feel like a family was breaking up. However, she had a new challenge set before her. Her orders were in and she was to be Commander Tyree's XO, in order to serve that function she would have to get to know the man. The voice of Jazra flooded into Dyanah's consciousness. 'At least he is cute...' she said unbidden and all Daynah could say was be quiet.

Parker had been on the ship for the longest time it felt, watching the ships hand over of new command, it made him well up natan had been a good friend and even better commanding officer, but it was now time for new adventures, he stood and clapped with a tear forming in his eyes as he waved good by to his commanding officer.

Parker looked on as he saw natan being relived, his new CO was up there too, Parker stood and clapped with a few tears in his eyes as he watched the talking and capping of backs, he knew that this would be a new chapter for vallient one that he was proud of to be a part of.


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